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Cool way to create your own SCAs…


This blogs explains the use of sapmake_util SAP tool in creating business packages. After going through this blog, you will understand this process has been made much simpler with this tool.
There can be situations where we would have created many applications like Webdynpro applications, some custom portal components and would have some Enterprise Portal Archive (epa) files etc. We would have to deploy these separately. Portal applications are deployed using Portal. Webdynpro and other J2EE applications are deployed using Software Deployment Manager (SDM). For importing epa files, again we need portal. Imagine if all these can be done in a single step. That is where sapmake_util tool comes in hand.


Sapmake_util tool can be downloaded as zip file from the attachment in SAP Note 696084. If u have the S-user id,
Download from market place:
You don’t have S- user id. No Problem. You can download the zip file from the portal server also. Go to this link
Download from portal server:

Conversions possible:

The following conversions can be made.
1) ear to sda – No conversion is needed
2) par to sda – file par will be converted to file ear
3) epa to sda – file epa will be converted to file_sda.epa
4) sda to sca – all sda and ear will be converted to a single sca as

Steps to follow:

1) SAP Home is the folder where JDTeclipse is installed. Extract the in sapmake_util folder inside SAP Home. So SAP Home will contain JDT and sapmake_util folders. In this case, SAP Home is C:Program FilesSAP. The structure inside SAP is shown below.


2) Set SAPIDE_HOME and PATH environmental variables. Right Click ‘My Computer’ -> Properties -> ‘Advanced’ tab -> Environmental Variables.


3) Open file inside sapmake_util folder and edit the following.
Change vendor=unspecified as
4) Copy the files to be converted into sapmake_util folder.
5) Go to command prompt and navigate to sapmake_util folder. To check the syntax, just type the bat file name and press enter. It will display the usage.


a) Convert par to ear:
par2sda parfilename


SampleParProject.ear will be created inside sapmake_util folder.

b) Convert epa to sda:
epa2sda epafilename sda_to_be_created


SampleEPA_sda.epa file will be created inside sapmake_util folder.

c) Convert sda or all other ear files to sca:
Create a folder inside sapmake_util called ‘MyCollection’ and copy the required sda, ear files into this folder. Here the above created ear SampleParProject.ear and epa SampleEPA_sda.epa files are moved into this folder. Additionally some ear file generated from Webdynpro or any J2EE application can also be added to the folder for adding to the package. Now to convert the folder as business package, use
sca sda_collection_folder sca_to_be_created

image file will be created inside sapmake_util folder. This SCA file can be used in SDM to deploy all the applications directly.

You now know how to make your boss happy 🙂

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  • Hi,

    par to sda - file par will be converted to file (ear) but its in SDA format

    epa to sda - file epa will be converted to file_sda.sda and not file_sda.epa

    Its good that you have given link to SAP notes..And I would say that , its pretty detailed by itself.

    Blog just seems to be a pictorial representation of the note..


    • Hi Bharathwaj,
        First of all, thanks for your comments. I just checked the files that are created. They are all created with formats I have specified in the blog.
      par to sda - ear and sda are similar formats.
      epa to sda - file_sda is created as epa type only. I have just verified that. But it acts like sda file.

      The purpose of this blog is to bring the tool to SDN community. I know I found it very late. So I want the beginners to know this tool early. Also I have faced many problems initially with this tool. That's why I wanted to give step by step procedure to help the beginners make better use of this.

      Vijayakhanna R

  • I never knew about this note, so this blog was nice info for me.  I always wondered how the SAP developers we've worked with created these files, I just never bothered to ask.
  • Great Blog!  Installed my package using JSPM worked great, but when I updated the SCA and re-applied via JSPM looked at the version and failed to update.  Did force a update using SDM so not a problem, but how do you update the SCA version?
  • Hi,

    Thanks for your blog.

    I am working with NWDS7; there is no JDT folder inside the SAP home folder instead I have IDE/IDE70 folder. I did some changes in sapmake.bat to point the search to IDE folder.

    But now I am getting this error "file:C:/Program Files/SAP/sapmake_util/build.xml:6: taskdef class cannot be found"

    Any help.


  • Sir,
        I am developing my application on Netviewer version 7.0.14 and i want to deploy my application using a SCA files rather than SDA files..So while creation SCA from SDA it will prompt this error.
    -->Error like the following: "BUILD FAILED file:C:/Program
                   Files/SAP/IDE/IDE70/sapmake_util_70/build.xml:6: taskdef class cannot be found"..

    Sir i am not find file in my eclipse pulgin..

    Appreciate for the helps.