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This event is bringing together SAP Research with American and Canadian Universities. There are already 25 co-innovation projects under way and some of them are presented in rapid fire 15 minute sessions.

Here only one of the many interesting ones. Needed some time to get up to speed.

Sinan Aral Professor NYU Stern School of Business and MIT Center for Digital Business

Research Topic:

Researching the human side of programming.

Example: Natural Programming Project

Make programming more natural not regarding English, but develop programming closer to how we express algorithms. The goal is to create new meaphors and programming languages and environments. They are testing not only the process, but also the results.

Surprisingly few studies regarding usability of debugging.

They developed WhyLine as a way to improve debugging. They have added a “why” button to your program where you can ask a why question. Example: Why is this parameter empty?”

Turns out that 70% of the questions are “why  not” question.

System gives the answer and a visualized data flow. That gives a lot more flexibility.

Programmers using WhyLine   are debugging about 8 times faster. Check out the details with screen shots . Can’t wait to have that integrated into NetWeaver.

Clifford Nass Communication between Humans and Interactive  Media (CHIMe) (Under Construction page)

– 60% of work related phone calls don’t reach intended recipients.


Complain about phone calls are that the sender is totally in control.

With Touch-Talk the receiver of a call can switch into Touch-Talk mode and reply with standard messages by pushing numbers that have: “I am on the phone” or “Yes” or “No” caned answers.

It would help me right now, as Chip Rodgers called me and I could have listened to his question and responded quietly by pushing a button without disturbing anyone here, or at least less disturbance compared to me typing here 🙂 They are looking for additional people to try it out, but I can’t find the site where you can sign up for it 🙁

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