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Most of the developers who are new to the SAP world start off with SDN Forums. So if you are also new, you can start off by posting your questions in the forums and getting your issues resolved by the other experts in the forum.  As time goes on, you gain expertise and beign to answer questions posed by others in the forum. Then you will realise that some of the questions are repeatedly asked in the forum and you are forced to answer them again and again. This is where you should start using the Wiki. The set of frequently asked questions (FAQs) can be maintained in the Wiki (in addition to other things).  As you become more experienced in the SAP World, it is time to share your experience and learning with others. This where you start blogging and post your first SDN Blog. You can also share your technical knowledge in a more structured manner in the form of articles.  As your practical knowledge increases, it’s time to share this knowledge by creating full fledged tutorials and elearning material.  When you do all this, you gain knowledge, share knowledge and also get some points. And these points will get you a lot of goodies. One of them is the opportunity to participate in SDN Day (or Community Day as it is called now) and network with other fellow SDNers and a chance to see the faces behind the names. image This is a very generic roadmap which I give to anyone who asks me how to start contributing to SDN. There can be different flavours of it, but the underlying idea remains the same – start by gaining knowledge and then proceed to sharing knowledge and don’t forget to have fun all the way.
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  1. Former Member
    maintining the WIKI does not prevent peoples from asking the question the 1001 time. I guess most newbies does not recocnize that there is a WIKI to have a look at before posting questions.

    But I have no IDEA how to best point to the WIKI.



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