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Bliz – Episode 6 – Answers

1. “The process of describing, and the description of, the desired future state of an organization’s business process, technology and information to best support the organization’s business strategy. The definition of the steps required, and the standards and guidelines to get from the current state to the desired future state.” This is the definition of ________________ according to Gartner.a) Future Enterprise Applications b) Web Service Architecturec) Enterprise Architectured) NetWeaver Development Strategy 2. “Enterprise SOA is a business-driven architecture that increases adaptability, ______________, openness, and cost efficiency.” Fill in the blank. Answer – Flexibility 3. Enterprise services can be browsed and tested in the Enterprise Services Workplace (ES Workplace). True or False? Answer – True4. Enterprise architecture frameworks can be categorized into three major groups. Which one of the following is not one of them?a) Government and authoritative frameworksb) Free style frameworksc) Vendor-specific frameworks d) Miscellaneous frameworks 5. The architecture on the right represents Enterprise SOA. what does the architecture on left represent?image Answer – Vanilla SOA The questions have been taken from the following articles by Sven Feurer, Industry Advisor at SAP.Enterprise Architecture – An Overview Enterprise Architecture – IT meets Business
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