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Message Monitoring Overview in XI with SP20 (SP12 in 7.0)

The status overview function in message monitoring in the Runtime  Workbench is supplied for the first time with Releases SAP NetWeaver 3.0 Support Package 20 and SAP NetWeaver 7.0 Support Package 12.  To use this function, you must first activate it in the Runtime Workbench and in the runtime components that need to be monitored (J2EE Adapter Engine or ABAP Integration Engine). The new message overview gives you an overview of message processing within a certain time period, sorted by sender or receiver attributes. Here are the step by step instructions: Step 1:  Using the visual administrator, the ‘messaging.system.statusLog’ property of the SAP XI AF Messaging Service must contain the values ‘Send,Recv,Event’: messaging.system.statusLog=Send,Recv,Eventimage This property must be set accordingly on each server node, and then the service must be restarted.  Step 2:  Activating the function for the Integration Engine (ABAP) runtime: To activate/deactivate the function, use transaction SE38 to execute the RSXMB_AGG_XPI_ADMIN program, and choose the relevant action on the       selection screen. Let the aggregation profile parameter retain its predefined value ‘XPI_SEND_RECV_01’.                                     When the function is deactivated, all data for the message overview for the Integration Engine is deleted, and the function is no longer available for this component in the Runtime Workbench.                    Step 3:  In exchange profile, enter a new parameter, under Runtime Workbench category called and set its value to true. If the value is anything other than true then the messaging overview option will NOT be displayed. I had to restart the J2EE engine for the Overview option to be displayed in the message monitoring. imageThis parameter is evaluated during the next cache refresh.  Step 4:  If the function is activated in Release SAP NetWeaver 2004 Support Package 20 or 2004s support Packag3 12, you will need to use the transaction PFCG to add the value        ‘SXMS_MSGAGG_RFC_PROC’ to the authorization check    during RFC access (object S_RFC) for the RFC_NAME field in the following roles: roles :                   SAP_XI_RWB_SERV_USER, SAP_XI_MONITOR_ABAP                                  SAP_XI_ADMINISTRATOR_ABAP, SAP_XI_DISPLAY_USER_ABAP                          The result of this is when you goto Message monitoring in RWB, you will see a dropdown and by clicking on it, you will see the overview of messages.image There are many different options available in the message overview. imageIts very intuitive and easy to use.  Message overview is the default option in the message monitoring. I wish the default was left alone.
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    • Hello Sukumar,

      Got a question regarding message overview. When the view "message status sorted by sender and receiver" is used, will RWB show all the steps transpired with in XI between receiving the call and sending the call to the receiver???


      • Hi Naveen,
        This is an overview screen. The messages are sorted (in this case by sender & receiver) and a link is provided for Errors, Scheduled, Successful, Cancelled with errors. When you click on the link (the number of messages in each category is the link), the regular monitoring, as we are used to today, is launched. All the usual (& useful) information are available.
        Hope this helps.
        • Hello Sukumar,

          Thanks for the explanation. I get the whole picture. I was hopping it was not just like a variant where the results are just presorted based on the setting one chooses.

          This will be a very useful feature, one we have been longing for.

          Best Regards,

  • Sukumar,
    Is there any webinar scheduled on 06/20/2007 about the performance improvements.
    You have mentioned so on 06/13/2007.

    Just curious.
    Could u please confirm on this