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Community Day at Mastering SAP Technology

Notes from the Communiy Day at Mastering SAP Technologies in Melbourne.
First off Doug Hey and team of Eventfull Management are amazing in making their event just a bit special. Nothing blows away your travel jet lag and empty hotel room blues faster than a hand written welcome note and a little present when you actually arrive in your room. Thank you. There were lots of these little things that made the whole event a very pleasant one.
I had the chance to go for dinner with Doug the first night and we exchanged old Sapphire and TechEd stories.  It is a bummer that they got crippled by the hotel internet connection being intermittent at best. Put a damper on my blogging enthusiasm during the event. If you want good coverage of your event, make it as easy as possible: Fast free Wifi everywhere. I even would look into redundant networks from two different providers to be on the safe side.   Participants liked the Community Day format of speed networking, small BoF sessions and community update. Doug Munford’s who has been to the SDN Day in Las Vegas too said: “I have said it before and I will say it again. The SDN Day was the best day of all of TechEd last year. More intimate sessions where discussions are happening and the SAP developers sometimes show things that are not fully baked yet. I will be there again and highly recommend you should too.”  One of the goals that we have with these community days is to give a place to exchange customer experiences. The consensus was that a mix of SAP developer and customer exchange sessions would be ideal.  Chris Harris liked the SDN Meets Labs day in Palo Alto two years ago. Especially the executive panel that we put together back then, where the participants could ask senior SAP folks whatever they were interested in.  Let’s see what we can do for the Community Days before TechEd this year. I have the feeling that they will be mighty popular. Make sure to sign up early.  General SDN/BPX improvement suggestions: Enable the site to be viewed via mobile devices.  Extra mobile site? Little hack using the provided RSS feeds? Points for good wiki content, even if suggested by others doesn’t always go through 🙁 We are looking into this.  image SDN Übergeeks Thomas Jung and Thomas Ritter relaxed at the end of the Community Day where they both held BOF sessions.
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  • It was good to meet Mark, Mark and Marco at the community day - and I'm still wearing my Ubergeek band..

    Hope the network issue wasn't too painful - I'm sure you've been given some background on what is basically a network monopoly down under 🙁


  • Thanks Mark for organizing SDN Day. It was very nice to meet Mark, Thomas and other SDNers. Thanks for the T-Shirts too. I am wearing them in Perth and many of friends are asking about it!!!