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Configuration of CMS in Central NWDI & SLD to transport XI objects

Requirement/Background: You have XI system, one central NWDI and one central SLD which is used for entire landscape and you want to utilize the CMS available in NWDI to transport XI objects. There wasn’t any one document to refer and had to go thru several SAP notes, SAP documentation and SAP forums and felt a need to have one documentation which has all configuration.

Definition: Transport of XI objects (Integration Repository & Integration Directory) can be done using

  • Transport using File System
  • Transport using Change Management Service (CMS)
  • The change management service is part of the usage type Development Infrastructure of SAP NetWeaver. This service enables you to configure your transport landscape and manage the transport of objects between different systems
    CMS can be installed in the integration server and utilize CMS for transporting objects. The how-to-guide in market place explains the configuration.

    Scope: This blog would discuss about configuration of Central Netweaver Developer Infrastructure (NWDI) to transport XI objects using CMS available in NWDI and does not cover SLD configuration, XI configuration.

    Pre-requisite: 1. Fully configured XI system & SLD System


  • NWDI – 2004s SPS10 (JAVA Stack)
  • XI – NW2004s SPS10 (ABAP+JAVA Stack)
  • SLD – NW2004s SPS10 (ABAP+JAVA Stack)
  • Detailed Steps:

    Create Users


  • In UME, create a user called ‘NWDI_CMSADM’
  • Attach role NWDI.Administrator and attach user to group ‘NWDI.Administrators’
  • SLD

  • create same user named ‘NWDI_CMSADM’ using SU01 in ABAP
  • .

  • Attach role ‘SAP_SLD_ORGANIZER’
  • XI

  • Create a user ‘NWDI_CMSADM’ using SU01 in ABAP
  • Launch URL http://:/useradmin, and attach the role NWDI.Administrator to the NWDI_CMSADM user.
  • Maintain same password for NWDI_CMSADM across all systems in NWDI, SLD, XI.

    Make sure the password for NWDI_CMSADM in XI (ABAP and JAVA stack) are same if it is dual environment.

    Make sure the user’s password doesn’t expire after 90 days (optional). If it expires follow the SAP note 896427 to update password correctly in all the areas.

    Configurations in Visual Administrator


  • server –> service –> security provider –> policy configuration –> select*sld –> security role
  • Map the user NWDI_CMSADM to J2EE/SLD role “LcrInstanceWriterAll”
  • SLD

  • server –> services –> security provider –> policy configuration –> select*sld „³ security role
  • Map the user NWDI_CMSADM to J2EE/SLD role “LcrInstanceWriterAll”
  • image

    Exchange Profile Configuration

    For XI to use CMS, set the following parameters Create parameter if they are not available.
    Launch the URL – http://:/webdynpro/dispatcher/


  • = *****
  • – ******
  • – ******
  • Add the following value to

  • =*,*
  • Name Server Configuration in NWDI

    Launch the URL – http://:/dtr/system-tools/administration/NameServerConfiguration
    URL = http://:/sld/cimom
    User = nwdi_cmsadm
    Password = *******
    Truststore = TrustedCAs


    Creating Domain

    Launch Url – http://nwdi-server:port/webdynpro/dispatcher/, and choose Landscape Configurator

    CMS Name – P21
    CMS URL – http://:
    CMS User – nwdi_cmsadm
    CMS password – *****
    Transport Directory – /usr/sap/trans
    Domain ID – P21
    SLD URL – http://:

    Click on Save, Click on Update CMS

    Create a Track for XI Integration Repository Objects

    Maintain the software components

    click on Save.

    Create a Track for XI Integration directory Objects with
    Repository type – XI
    Track ID – XIIDIR
    Track Name – XIIDIR
    XI URL Development – http://:/dir
    XI URL Development – http://:/dir
    Maintain Software component – SAP-INTDIR

    Login to PI System using http://:/rep, select Integration repository and provide credentials




    Select the objects and Right Click and choose export


    click continue


    Click on finish



    Check the transport in transport Studio

    Launch the CMS using the URL http://:/webdynpro/dispatcher/ Select Consolidations tab



    How To Transport XI Content Using CMS
    Transporting Using the Change Management Service
    Roles in the Change Management Service
    SAP Note – 877804- NWDI communication user in central SLD server
    SAP Note – 840523- NWDI server configuration: user, group and security role
    SAP note – 851259 –NWDI: Setting up a domain and a track
    SAP note – 896427 –NWDI Admin User/Password update

    Hopefully this complete blog will be useful to configure central NWDI to transport XI objects.

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