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Accelerating BI Maturity

Business Intelligence (BI) is the #1 priority for CIO’s worldwide in 2007 – these finding have been confirmed by research, conducted by firms like Gartner and Merrill Lynch.


BI is so critical, because it’s an underpinning for business innovation (business network transformation), and for performance- and compliance management. Hence it’s of no surprise, that a BI infrastructure has to be agile and adaptable, while providing consumer-web type access to trustworthy (and often confidential) business information.


Reality is however, that in many organizations there is still a zoo of various incompatible BI tools, missing a common strategy, architecture and roadmap. The result is often expensive maintenance, lack of user acceptance, and inflexibility. On the other hand, there are organizations that have mastered the fine art of deploying BI as a “utility”, fueling business processes with the relevant and timely insights, exactly where and when needed. Which leads to the (natural) question: What sets those types of organizations (and their deployment of BI) apart?


In a recent research note, Wayne Eckerson from TDWI (Data Warehousing Institute) analyzed the evolution from organizations, from the “parental” (associated primarily with static reports, with little overall business value) phase to the “sage phase” (associated primarily with embedded BI, with overall high business value). That report, sponsored by SAP, attempts to answer exactly that question. In that context, it provides valuable insights and guidance for organizations wanting to accelerate their BI maturity, in order to deliver more business value from their BI projects. Furthermore, in the “sponsor perspective” of that paper, you will also learn how you can get started today, with SAP NetWeaver.


The paper can be accessed here: Beyond the Basics:  Accelerating BI Maturity.


We hope you will enjoy the reading, and we look forward for your feedback, and a healthy discussion!


Lothar Schubert,
Solution Marketing SAP NetWeaver

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