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Mashup Corporations

imageLast TechEd an old SDN Blogger pal, Dan Woods, who hopefully will post here again soon, gave me a small little book: Mashup Corporations that I think didn’t get the recognition it deserves.  I read it on the flight back and to my surprise it is a really good story. Only recently I picked it up again and realized that no one ever wrote about it on SDN. Today I even posted a comment on Amazon: I like this little book because it uses a simple very real example from the idea to the quickly hacked proof of concept to the integration of that new business process into the whole enterprise business system. You read it and realize that this kind of things are already happening in our organization and it will only get bigger. If you want to continue to be successful, you have to service orient your enterprise organization too. The book crystallizes what Enterprise SOA is all about and why this is urgent. If I were tasked to implement a service oriented architecture at a client or want to get my company to be more agile, I would give out this book to everyone involved. We have these examples here in SDN and BPX land too. Services and processes where created on a moments notice, out of necessity and as proof of concept. If successful a larger project is started to truly integrate the solution with the rest of the site.  Two years ago we desperately wanted to have the possibly to organize community events during TechEd. It should be something very flexible as these kind of events always are and changeble by the community itself. We used a hosted wiki, even though there was no user integration and we ended up having to clean up spam on a daily basis. It did the job and very important it proofed that this kind of functionality is missing in the bigger picture of SDN and BPX.  We set up a project, created a requirements document and an implementation team was formed and now we have our wiki. I am glad we do, because it comes really handy right now to organize the SDN and BPX Community Day this Sunday in Melbourne.  Check it out. Andy Mulholland, Chris S. Thomas, Paul Kurchina (aka Mister ASUG) and Dan Woods did an excellent job.
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  • This is a great book that shows how IT can help transform the business with service oriented architecture in business terms. Would recommend it to all who are looking for a business justification for SOA, composites et al.