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Clean and Consolidate BW Frontend (BEx) Objects during your upgrade from 3.5 to 2004s

Here is an opportunity to clean and consolidate your BW BEx objects such as Variables, Calculated key figures, Restricted key figures, Structures, User exits, Queries & Workbooks before migrating from 3.5 to 2004s.  BEx Objects are created both by the developers and the users who analyze the data. Most of the time the objects are duplicated. There are some instances where the naming convention of the objects are not followed.   Eg: Variables/CKF/RKF with same functionality/charactersitics are created by different users.  Queries/Workbooks are copied multiple times by different users, but only a few are actually used.  With so many objects with similar properties, it becomes difficult for the users and developers to eliminate unused objects. Also it confuses the users and developers in identifying an object that can be reused.   In the presentation, you will get to know how you can clean these objects by identifying the similarities in technical properties. You will see how you can consolidate these objects and eliminate unused objects. You will also see the tools that helps to create the documentation for all the BEx objects present in the system.   A technique to rename your existing BEx objects based on a new naming standard without the need of transporting the objects from one system to another. Much more…..  To see this live in action at SAP TECHED 2007 – Las vegas Vote now
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