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SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.0 after SP12

On the good portal I needed to set the value

Pcd.TransportApplication.Export.ExcludeSystemObjects = false and on the damaged portal I needed to set Pcd.TransportApplication.ProtectedNamespaces = (removing the option)

I could now create a transport on the good portal and add the page Application Designer Framework Page from pcd:portal_content/, export it and import it to my portal.  After the import, the editors now look OK, although not as they looked under SP11. However, I’m prepared to lose some screen real estate in the interests of having a working portal!

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  • I can’t find any release notes explaining what these potentially wonderful new functions do, except for use up real estate on an already busy screen.

    Any ideas on what these actually do?

  • Hi,
    Thanks for the BLOG.
    I had a terrible time with JSPM in SP11. So this time around, I used VMWare to create a virtual machine and installed the Portal in the virtual machine. The advantage?

    Well, VMWare has this cool “snapshot” feature.
    It takes a snapshot (or creates a bookmark) of the disk. So you can rollback in case you really mess up something 🙂

    I used the roll back when I was playing around with trying to get X509 certificates to work. After number of tweaks, it wasn’t working and a number of other things got broken. So I just used the snapshot to go back.


  • Hello Michel,

    I’m interessted in the way you’ve transported the Portal Admin Content.
    I tried to change the PCD settings in the file, and reloaded it in the portal, but unfortunatelly my changes didn’t take eeffect (even after clearing cache and reboot of the system).
    Did I miss something, where the settings have to be maintained?

    Thanks in advance for a short feedback.
    Kind regards,