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Approach to mobilise non-SAP application using SAP MI – Step 2 : Creation of logical port

creation of logical port 1. Go to transaction lpconfig and press create button. image 2. Enter the following fields. image 3. Press save. image 4. Press activate. image 5. The logical port ZPERS_PORT is activated for ZACO_ZPERS_DETL proxy. image  *********************************************************  Logical port is created.  The next blog “Approach to mobilise non-SAP application using SAP MI – Step 3 : Creation of bapi Wrappers”.  *********************************************************
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  • don’t you think that creation of a logical port nowadays can be considered that trivial (apart from the fact that it has already been described a trillion times on SDN) that a WIKI entry would be sufficient?

    I guess anyone interested also already knows how to test a proxy (and if he doesn’t know yet, he can easily find info on that here, inthe WIKI or on

    Sorry, but I don’t understand why you blow this story up to 10 or something blogs containing mostly well known trivialities.


    • I know it is trivial, but could not avoid. In  the subject i have mentioned it as STEPS. The intension here is to get the fell of creation of proxy objects for the WSDL defined in the non-SAP backend according to the BAPI WRAPPER rules .

      Here the main aim is to demostrate the end-to-end scenario of MI talking to non-SAP backend.

      • Raghavendra,
        I tend to agree with Anton here as well. This blog post contains only 5 imgaes.I have no clue about what SAP MI is but it sure would have been better if you had clubbed this blog with the next one in this series thereby making sure that the blog has some more content.


      • Raghavendra,

        Please!!! The intention here was anything but to post useful and interesting content.

        The amount of text is amaizing! And it’s just impossible to overestimate the value of the series! I will notify moderators right now about your “Photo-blog” — I firmly beleive it is the case to change the default 40 points assigned to your posts