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Australia here we come …

Mastering SAP Technology 2007 starting next Sunday is like a small TechEd happening in Australia just not organized by SAP. Some heavy hitters from the SDN and BPX community will be there like Thomas Jung, Mark Yolton, Marco ten Vaanholt, … We hope to recreate the passion that was present during last year’s SDN Days (See: SDN Day Blogs) at the SAP SDN & BPX Community Network Day too. If you have never been to any of our Community Days it is quite a treat. It is heavily influenced by unconference and barcamp movement. The success of the event is everyone’s responsibility. We give ample opportunity to get to know what your fellow participants are working on. Here is the current schedule overview. (The latest update always on the wiki)

  • Introduction to the SDN and BPX Community Netowork Day
  • SDN and BPX Community status update
  • Speed Networking: 3-4 rounds of 15 minutes where you get to know 4-5 new participants
  • 2-3 rounds of BOF* Sessions derived from the networking sessions as well as collected already at the wiki. As there are lots of presentations during the Mastering SAP Technology event, the BOF sessions should focus on discussions and sharing of experiences.
  • Summary feedback session and closing

We all will join the evening reception of the main Mastering SAP Technology event and continue our discussions there and throughout the next days.

I got asked about the BOF sessions on the wiki. Please add your name to all the sessions that interest you in the participants column. If we have more sessions than slots, we will select the most popular first. If there is a theme that is not covered yet, but you really would like to talk about it please add it to the list even if you don’t want to moderate it. We will try to find someone to moderate.

I hope to meet some of our Top Australian and New Zealand Contributors there too:

1 Michael Nicholls 2 Lars Rueter 3 Neil Woodruff 4 Thomas Ritter 5 Jocelyn Dart 6 Owen Slater 7 RakeshSingh Chauhan 8 harish 9 Daniel Da Vinci 10 Patrick Yee 11 Phil Soady 12 Akhilesh Mahto 13 Gareth Ellem 14 Prakash Vaidyanathan 15 Arul Raja M A 16 praveen mathew 17 Praveen Vujjini 18 Andrew Findlay 19 Dominic Padden 20 Dr. Alexander Dreiling

Top Contributor or not, we are looking forward to see you in a couple of days.

BOF Sessions (from Wikipedia):

Birds of a Feather: This idiom is a shortening of the proverb “Birds of a feather flock together.”, meaning that people (birds) of the same kind or interest (of a common feather) enjoy spending time (flocking) together. This proverb is believed to date back as far as Greek and Roman times, but has become commonly used as jargon by various groups since the nineteenth century. In the world of computing, BoF (Birds Of a Feather) can refer to: An informal discussion group. Unlike Special Interest Groups or Working groups, BoFs are informal and often formed in an ad-hoc manner. The acronym is used by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) to denote initial meetings of members interested in a particular issue. A BoF session, an informal meet-up at conferences, where the attendees group together based on a shared interest and carry out discussions without any pre-planned agenda.

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  • Hey Mark:

    It’s great that SDN and BPX members are going to support a non SAP or SDN official event -:D Really nice -;)



        • Hi Edwin,

          Great to see your are still active.

          Bali 2010 sounds good to me. If you continue your excellent work there will be lots of SAP customers and by extension community members there to warrant such an event. 

          All the best, Mark.

      • Mark! That’s awesome! -:D Gotta find out where’s is going to be…Last SAP Technology day was on Marriot hotel…So I’m going to try to get an invitation to the event -:D And of course, blog about it -:D



  • The background to this event was that SAP used to host TechEd in Australia every so often, but now has not for some time, so a private company called Eventful Management spotted this gap in the market and now stages it’s own version each year. They also do conferences in Australia each year for functional areas of SAP such as Plant Maintenance, Supplu Management, Financials etc

    SAP does in fact lend it’s support, in as much as I keep getting emails from SAP Australia inviting me to come along to this.

    I have to say I am not complely neutral in this, for even though I have no connection to Eventful Management I am giving a speech at this event about enhancing workflow with ABAP, but I find these conferences exceptionally well run. Every year they get bigger and I would not be surprised if one day this was just as big an event as TechEd.