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Bliz – Episode 4 – Answers

The questions are from three Java Programming blogs. You will find the links to the blogs at the end. 1._____________ is an agile method for project management.a) Tackleb) Scrumc) Google d) SDLC 2. Which of the following is false?a) Multithreading means starting multiple threads of execution in multiple Java programs.b) Threads increase performance. c) In a single processor machine, tasks requiring long waiting times can be placed on a separate thread. d) Multi threading may result in data corruption if multiple threads are manipulating the same please of data simultaneously. 3. Livelock is a condition where two or more threads are unable to make any progress because they are too busy responding to each other. True or False?a) Trueb) False 4. Extreme Programming initially recognized four values. A new value was added in the second edition of Extreme Programming Explained. Which of the following is NOT one of the five values?a) Communication b) Simplicityc) Disciplined) Courage 5. “One of the goals of JSON was to provide a (mostly) browser agnostic way to address the data structure, without all of the ugliness of XPathing, node walking, and other things that were needed to do similar things with XML data within a client app.”. What is the expansion of JSON?a) Java On Notepad b) Javascript Object Notion c) Java Oriented Notationd) Javascript Object NotationAgility, Non-Agility and Religious Beliefs by Tobias TrappIs XML dead?  Are the Browser Wars Over? by Rick BullottaWhat is Multithreading ? by Tarun Telang ScoresSteffen Karsch – 5/5
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