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Approach to mobilise non-SAP application using SAP MI – Introduction

So far we know SAP MI can talk to SAP as backend.

Bapi wrapper rules

In the subsequent blogs there is comprehensive description on MI talking to non-SAP backend.

There is complete information on the same in the next SIX blogs.

Note 2:

Go through the note 944029 for the XML
Schema supported by ABAP proxy generation.

The steps to be followed for the above approach are :

1. Creation of proxy object.

2. Creation of logical port.

3. Testing of proxy object for data transfer.

4. Creation of bapi wrappers

5. Testing of bapi wrappers for data transfer.

6. Creation of syncbo and viewing the data in


The next blog “Approach to mobilise non-SAP application using SAP MI – Step 1 : Creation of proxy object” explains creation of proxy objects.


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