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Latest Enhancements of Knowledge Management in SP12 (NW7.0) and SP20 (NW04)

Here’s a short list of interesting enhancements of Knowledge Management that are part of support package 12 for SAP NetWeaver 7.0 (2004s) and support package 20 for SAP NetWeaver 2004:

  • Alternative Details Dialog Box
    You may use an alternative Details dialog box on Knowledge Management user interfaces in place of the standard Details dialog box. No menu bar is displayed in the alternative Details dialog box. There are pushbuttons that allow you to quickly call up frequently used functions.
    The alternative Details dialog box has a modular structure: The upper area contains a row of pushbuttons with commands. Using dropdown boxes, you can launch further functions and start additional activities. The  left-hand screen area contains by default the properties of the object launched. The standard delivery contains renderers that display one or more properties. The right-hand screen area is used as a work area for the various functions. Depending on the action selected, the system shows information or opens editors in this area.
  • Client-Side Caching of Static Objects
    Use the client cache service to cache static resources such as graphics or stylesheets in the browser cache of the client PC. Client-side caching reduces the amount of requests sent to the portal server because static resources that have already been called once can be loaded directly from the browser cache of the user if further requests occur. This reduces the portal server load and speeds up page loading times.


  • Exclude Paths from WebDAV Access
    A new parameter in the configuration of the WebDAV protocol allows you to suppress WebDAV access for KM folders, e.g. for security or performance reasons. For example if you are operating a portal with a large number of users, you can exclude the /userhome directory from WebDAV access. WebDAV access to this folder would cause an undesirably high system load as a result of the determination and display of the large number of user-specific subfolders contained in it. However, users can still access subfolders of /userhome.


What’s probably important to know is that in the future all major enhancements of Knowledge Management like Web Page Composer – a new Way to create and publish Web Pages in the Portal (Part I) will only be released on SAP NetWeaver 7.0 and future releases of SAP NetWeaver but not on SAP NetWeaver 2004.

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