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BI 7.0 Bex Macros for Formatted Reports at SAP TECHED 2007 Las Vegas

Want to see the enhanced version of BW 3.x Macros ? Dont miss the opportunity at SAP TECHED 2007 – Las Vegas. BW 3.x Macros has been enhanced to work with BI 7.0 (2004s) BEx Reports to create formatted reports.

Top 3 BW Reporting issues are

  • Printing
  • Formatting 
  • Performance

Printing is one of the most common complaints of BW. Printing in neither environment limits you to the standard functionality found within Excel or a Web Browser. Reports that have too many columns will be difficult to print on a single page. The settings has to be modified every time the columns are changed.

Any formatting created on BEx reports will disappear when the query is refreshed. The formats must be recreated every time the query is refreshed. There is no reporting tool that provides both analytical features and formatting features. Some tools are good for analytics and some are good for formatted reports. 

BW Bex Macros provides convenient functions for formatting business intelligence data interactively in Microsoft Excel. The Macros can be embedded in Microsoft Excel as an add-in that overcomes some of the bw report formatting limitations.

BW Bex 3.x Macros to create Formatted Workbooks – Part 1 To see this live in action at SAP TECHED 2007 – Las vegas Vote now

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