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Impact Analysis of Frontend objects (BEx) at SAP TECHED 2007

Improved Decision Making through Impact Analysis. Impact Analysis is a useful and brainstorming technique that helps you think through the full impacts of a proposed change. As such, it is an essential part of the evaluation process for major decisions. More than this, it gives you the ability to spot problems before they arise, so that you can develop contingency plans to handle issues smoothly. This can make the difference between well-controlled and seemingly-effortless project management, and an implementation that is seen by your boss, team, clients and peers as a shambles. What would it cost your business to be shut down for 1 hour? 1 day? 1 week? At the very least, an impact analysis will highlight the differences in the environment between the status quo and the environment after a change has been implemented. With the growing network of processes and systems, the need for efficient management support systems is also increasing. Bex Objects {Frontend Objects – Workbooks, Queries, Variables, CKF, RKF, STR} Companies are becoming more and more Global and Management of BW objects are becoming critical. Parallel BW implementation across a company makes a complex process to control the objects created across different projects. Ineffective communication between the members leads to duplication of objects. Bex Objects such as Workbooks, Queries, Variables, Structures, Userexits, Restricted Key Figures, Calculated Key Figures etc are created. This not only affects the usage of the objects but also the performance of the system. BW Statistics helps to improve the performance of the system. It provides information to have a overall idea about the usage of the BW system. Metadata repository provides limited information on Frontend Objects that cannot be used for Analysis. BW reporting features such as drilldown, filter and analysis cannot be down with the Metadata repository. Impact Analysis cannot be done with Metadata Repository. There are no tool/reports which helps to compare bw front-end{Bex} objects present in different systems [Development, Quality & Productions]. Questions that cannot be answered by BW Statistics / Metadata Repository Single point of access to analyze the Workbooks, Queries, Variables & Query components(CKF,RKF,STR) by user by role by info provider by workbook etc List of queries that are affected when a variable is modified ? List of queries that are affected when a navigational attribute/Infoobject is modified? List of queries that are affected when a infoobject is modified ? List of queries that are present in a infoprovider ? List of queries that are present in a workbook ? List of queries that are affected when a user exit is modified ? List of queries that are affected when a info provider is modified or deleted ? List of characteristics, key figures, query components that are used in a query ? List of calculated key figures, restricted key figures and structures that are using a variable. List of objects that are present in development system but does not exists in Quality or Production system ? List of queries that are affected when a restricted key figure, caluculated key figure or structure is modified ? Comparision of objects across systems. image Currently there is no easy mechanism to identify variables or objects that can be reused by comparing all the properties of the variable or objects. Its a time consuming activity to do it manually. Way to add additional business meaning to variables and query components so that it can be reused. and much more can be seen at SDN Session at SAP TECHED 2007 – LAS VEGAS. If you feel that this is going to be useful for you, dont forget to vote this session. Title of the topic : Impact Analysis of Front-end objects You can see all the sessions and vote at Vote now
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  • It would be nice if someone could create a cockpit application to answer the questions in your blog. Especially since most of those questions can be easily answered with delivered SAP Function Modules.  Sounds like a great development for SAPLink.
    • Thanks John for your comments.
      As such if  you see all the data is present in BW in tables. How well we use that data and the approach we take to make it very usefull matters.