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visual model to depict different type of services and SAP architecture building block.

In this post I’ll try to present a model that depict different types of services and how they’re match with SAP enterprise SOA architecture. imageA   We actually have three types of services:  Conceptual – service that done by certain role in the enterprise and needed to reach the business goals and objectives.  Logical – while conceptual services can be provided by humans, systems and combination of humans and systems logical service is a service that has defined information as input and/or output of the service.  Physical – web service (or any other method) that exposed services by systems with predefined endpoints to receive service requests.  Process decomposition discovered the capabilities needed to run the business. Those capabilities are actually the conceptual services that we talked about. Capabilities are what the business needed; workflow defined how capabilities are being done by certain roles in the enterprise. From workflows we can extract information needed to run the business and to classify this information into information objects and information components. Information components are used to define services logical model.   Wrapping the information object with business logic creates business objects. Process components are groups of business objects that expose several business objects services that re-occurring in different business processes and might be used to compose different business processes. Those process components also exposed the physical services.  
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