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Single Sign On with Portal to SAP Backend Systems

Single Sign On (SSO) is good documented in the SAP world. There are many good threads, weblogs and ofcourse This is usefull, but I dont find it complete.. So I’m making this guide to give you a complete working example of how you can enable SSO in your environment.

Step 1 – Setting the logon method as Single Sign on

1.1 Log in to your Portal as a System Administrator.

1.2 Choose System Administration –> System Configuration –> System Landscape

1.3 Find the system you want to assign Single Sign on to and open it

1.4 Choose User Management as Property Category

1.5 Set Logon Method to SAPLOGONTICKET


What we have done now is to set the system you want to use as a Single Sign On logon method. Do this to each system you want to connect.


g. Press Generate


Now you will have two entries in the TicketKeyStore:



Step 3 – Export the Portal certificate

3.1 Choose Server –> Services –> KeyStorage –> TicketKeystore

3.2 Choose SAPLogonTicketKeypair-cert and press Export (Export button in the Entry field)

a. Fill in a name of the Certificate

To keep track of your certificate, call it the SID of the Portal

b. Choose either X.509 or Base64 Encoded Format


(for example, CN=ABA)

You have set up a trusted relationship between your portal and the backend system. To do so with several system, run this guide again from step 4.

If you cant get it to work, check out my blog Troubleshooting SSO from Portal wich may help you out !

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  • Hello Kristoffer,

    can you provide a link to your Blog “Troubleshooting SSO from Portal”? Can’t find it in the list of your Blogs. Also I think it would be good to provide links to other Blogs on the SSO topic taking care about special questions like Certificate renewal, Multi-domain Single Sign-On, Usermapping …


    • Hello Gregor

      Sorry for the late reply. There have been a change. My Blog “Troubleshooting SSO from Portal”, is released in the Wiki
      Portal > Main > SSO Troubleshooting

  • At step 4.3 , when I attempt to import the certificate through STRUSTSSo2 in the R/3, i am prompted for a password. However while creating the certificate in the Visual admin, there was no place it asked for a password in the portal.
    ECC 6.0 , NW2004s SR2 portal

    Any suggestion, didnt not find a resolution for this so far.