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New Features and Functions for the Process Integration Capabilities of SAP NetWeaver


According to current planning, SAP NetWeaver ’04 SP Stack 20 and SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SP Stack 12 will be the final Support Package Stacks to contain new features and functions for the Process Integration capabilities of SAP NetWeaver. No further enhancements are planned for SAP NetWeaver ’04 after SP Stack 20 at this time. However, some SAP NetWeaver 7.0 feature enhancements may still be incorporated in upcoming SP Stacks. SAP NetWeaver ‘04 SP Stack 21 is planned to be released in October 2007 and SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SP Stack 13 is planned to be released in August 2007.

Key Features

Some important new features in SAP NetWeaver ’04, SP Stack 20 and SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SP Stack 12 are:

  • AXIS framework support in the SOAP adapter
  • Enhanced monitoring with message overview and mass restart
  • New tab structure for adapters with extensive parameters

An overview of all the new Process Integration features for SAP NetWeaver ’04 SP Stack 20 and SAP NetWeaver 7.0 SP Stack 12, including links to the release notes can be found in the presentation below.

New Features and Functions in PI


I like to thank Anne Kiefer and Udo Paltzer for all their help and contribution for this blog and the presentation above.

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  • Shilpa,
    In the presenation pointed in your blog, it states,
    Critical alerts must beraised for adapters, e. g.if JDBC adapter can’t connect to database

    As far as I know, Adapter Engine Alerts have been available in NW2004 from SP 14. Can you elaborate further on what this new feature with respect to alerting is?

    Likewise,Extend SOAP adapter usage, e. g. full support of SOAP headers

    Does this actually imply that  you do not need to use the Do Not Use SOAP Envelope in the SOAP Adapter and that it would be possible to add a Few fields to the SOAP header of the SOAP message directly?

    Looking forward to your comments.

    • Hi Bhavesh,

      The new feature with alerting is that the Adapter engine is now integrated with CCMS. You can now connect the Adapter Engine to CCMS and define thresholds for all the adapters. The JDBC adapter was just an example.

      Yes, you do not use the flag ‘Do Not Use SOAP Envelope’ for the SOAP adapter. By using the AXIS framework you would be able to add fields to the SOAP header.

      I hope that helps.

      Best Regards,

  • Very helpful blog!
    Could you please elaborate on the use of the AXIS framework. i happened to go through the help documents but did’nt get a hang of it. Could you please provide links of some existing blogs ( if possible) where the actual implementation is done.
    Many thanks,