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Open source is … well … open

In the linked forum thread Alvero reports that he has discovered that Eduard Koucky is unavailable to continue work on the outstanding PHPRFC project that he has built so generously over the years.  I believe that this is a great opportunity for someone to stand up and take over the reins and improve the connector with the new features that the new RFC connector provides.  There are great new features available in the latest RFC connector as anyone who has been following the NetWeaver RFC gives the Next generation Ruby and Perl Connectors by Piers Harding could atest.  The channels are RFC SDK group opens “talks” with RFC Connector developers. The opportunity is available, so lets go for it.
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  • Hey Nigel:

    I was going to write a weblog to talk about the SAPRFC, but you win the match -;)

    I just downloaded the source code at home…I’m not very proficient on C or C++, but sure I’m going to do my best -:D

    I’m hope more people can join us and we can get this project going again -;)



    • That’s it we need a C programmer who knows (or can learn) the ZEND api and the new nw rfc api.

      It is going to be a complete rewrite to take into UNICODE support, deep table support and string and xstring support.

      PHP6 will be supporting unicode so an official release would have to wait until that point but there are beta versions of PHP6 available from CVS that one highly skilled C programmer could use.