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Adaptive Computing – Successful Co-Operation with Hardware Vendors

The SAP Adaptive Computing Concept “any service – anytime  – on any server” aims at providing cost-cutting, easily operable system landscape management which is fully independent from the underlying hardware. This can only be realized by a close co-operation between SAP and SAP Technology Partners.

With a Compliance Test, hardware vendors verify the compliance of their hardware with SAP’s Adaptive Computing Concept. A “Certificate of Conformity” is handed out after having successfully stated SAP`s Adaptive Computing Concept capability.

Goal of the Adaptive Computing Compliance Test is to prove that the Adaptive Computing Concept, the functionality of application services virtualization, works using the specified components of the SAP Technologie Partners.

The Overview Page Adaptive Computing Compliance Tests allows SAP customers to look up if your hardware vendor has already tested his servers and storage platforms for running adaptive computing enabled SAP system landscapes.

A highlight in the co-operation will be a one-day symposium of the German SAP user group (DSAG) in Walldorf at 09/24/2007 where different hardware vendors will give live-demos and offer their adaptive computing compliant hardware solutions.

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  • I’m taking a serious look at Adaptive Computing.  One troubling aspect is that there does not seem to be a lot a activity in this area.  Many of the supporting documents are several years old.  The ACC is still in 1.0 version.  I don’t want to invest time in a technology that SAP is not behind 100%.
    • Sure, Adaptive is viable and very alive. We are currently preparing the Ramp-Up of our new release. The reason for quite old documents on the Service Marketplace is that we are currently in transition from SMP to SDN. In the next few days you can expect new information in the SDN.