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Scripting Languages and SAP – Is there a room for me?

This is not the first nor the last time I’m going to talk about Scripting Languages and SAP, not only because thanks to them I became a blogger for SDN, but because I’m sure that there’s still a long road to walk.

Even some great blogs have been posted, and of course, some awesome RFC Connectors have been developed, I still can’t hear the community talking about them…Maybe most of you don’t know any Scripting Language, and that’s ok, but as PHP, Ruby or Perl are easy to learn, I don’t see it as the perfect excuse.

What I would to see is junior blogger starting to post emulated transactions or something related…You can say of course, that most of the standard transactions have been already developed, but again that can’t be the perfect excuse…There’s always more that one aproach to achieve a goal and there’s always better, smaller and quicker custom FM’s to be send to PHP, Ruby or Python. Take for example this weblog Tasting the mix of PHP and SAP – Volume 8 I developed and PHP based ST22 and only a few days later John Astill posted this great Widget version Yahoo Widget for ST22

Of course, this world is not limited to PHP, Ruby or Widgets…There’s almost nothing going on with Perl and Python…Which is something really bad…I’m planning to learn both of them and blog about that, but it would makes me really happy if someone do it first -;)

As you can see, the important thing here is to share knowlegde and have fun. You got the forums, you got weblogs, you got my e-mail, so starting now, I want to see more Scripting Languages activity -:)

The question in the title of this blog was…Is there a room for me? The answer is up to you…Show the community that you deserve a room inside the Scripting Languages world.

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  • You are absolutley right Alvero. There is room for everyone. We nned to hear your scripting stories. Scripting languages are so much fun and if you would like to hear some more about scripting languages (PHP in particular) then voting is open for the community sessions at TechEd. Go and vote for all the sessions you find interesting – even if you cant make it to the day. This is your (scripting) community. Make the most of it.

    All the best.