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Bliz – Episode 3

1. __________________ is the SAP platform for building composite applications based on service-oriented architecture (SOA) principles.a) SAP Web Application Server b) SAP Composition Framework c) SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment (SAP NetWeaver CE)  d) SAP Mobile Infrastructure 2. The dominator tree shows the biggest (in terms of retained size) objects in your heap. It also shows you, why an object is big, by providing a hierarchical view of the objects hold/retained by the object. Which tool uses this concept?a) SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio b) SAP Memory Analyzer c) SAP Mobile Application Studio d) ABAP Workbench 3.SAP NetWeaver CE System can be installed in the following possible mode(s) –a) Enterprise Mode b) Development Mode c) Productive Mode d) Development and Productive Mode 4. Software Life-Cycle Management (SLM) by SAP comprises the management of SAP products and solutions in real, customer-specific system landscapes. True or False?a) True b) False 5. The _______________ provides a view on the public SAP Enterprise Services Repository. Every productized enterprise service for SAP solutions is available here for exploration, test driving and consumption.a) Knowledge Management b) Enterprise Services Workplace c) Business Intelligence d) Composition Environment
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