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Even if you’re not on NW200nx, take Otis Redding’s advice and “try a little BPX”

I’ve argued before that the way SAP clients will overcome their natural inertia and move to NW/ESOA/BPX is by thinking about things in an ESOA/BPX way even before the requisite hardware, software, and project budgets are in place.  Here’s an example of what I mean.  The client gave the dev team a spec which asked for a customer exit in QA11 (SAPMQEVA) that would trigger print of a tiny slip whenever certain usage decisions were recorded for inspection lots.  Having just done a major QM enhancement involving several exits, 1 BAdI, and 1 mini-BDC, I was not anxious to write another exit, and even less anxious to write SAPScript.  So, the sequence of pictures below describes exactly what I did to see if there was another way to do what the client wanted done.  (If anything is unclear in the sequence below, I’ll be happy to come back and explain, but I think it should be pretty obvious.)  After reviewing these pictures, see if you know what I decided to do next, instead of writing the exit and SAPScript.  Finally, please note there is a “discovery” process and a “due diligence” process in the following sequence of slides! I never believe anything anyone tells me, not even SAP!!! Discovery process starts here:imageimageimageimageimage Due diligence starts here:imageimageimageimageimage
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