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sapnwrfc for Python – To complete a hat trick

As was promised earlier – work has been done on creating the next generation Connector for Python using the new SAP NW RFCSDK that Ulrich SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK.

The Python sapnwrfc Connector is designed very much in the same style as the NetWeaver RFC gives the Next generation Ruby and Perl Connectors ones, so the syntax should hopefully be familiar (from the test suite distributed with the source code):

import unittest

# define the test class
class sapnwrfctest(unittest.TestCase):

# code that is executed once at the start of the test
  def setUp(self):
    sapnwrfc.base.config_location = 'examples/sap.yml'

# Test iteration of handling a deep structure
  def testDeep1(self):
# connect to SAP
    conn = sapnwrfc.base.rfc_connect()
    self.assertNotEquals(conn, None)
# look up the RFC interface definition
    self.assertEquals(, "STFC_DEEP_STRUCTURE")
    for i in range(100):
# allocte a call container
      fs = fds.create_function_call()
      self.assertEquals(, "STFC_DEEP_STRUCTURE")
# populate the parameters for the call
      fs.IMPORTSTRUCT( { 'I': 123, 'C': 'AbCdEf', 'STR': 'The quick brown fox ...', 'XSTR': "deadbeef".decode("hex") } )
# do the call
# check the results
      s = fs.ECHOSTRUCT()
      self.failUnless(s['I'] == 123)
      self.failUnless(s['C'].rstrip() == 'AbCdEf')
      self.failUnless(s['STR'] == 'The quick brown fox ...')
      self.failUnless(s['XSTR'].encode("hex") == 'deadbeef')
    self.assertEquals(conn.close(), 1)

# now run it
if __name__ == "__main__":
  import sapnwrfc


This is a complete rewrite to take advantage of the new SAP NW RFCSDK, with unicode support, and support for deep structures.  This version provides Client side RFC support only.  The download is available here

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  • Hello Piers:
    I actually use pysaprfc for SAP connector, did you heard about this? it is able to run under windows and is inspired in your work but the nice think I see in that piece of software is the use of 'ctypes' for connection to the SAP librfc32.dll.
    That project seems to be abandoned so I am interested to try your sap python connector using the new sapnwrfc however, I have no a Windows Version of this.
    DO you have a Windows version to share or do you know of anybody that has this?
    Thanks for your attention and time, Piers.
    • Hi -
      no, I don't know of any precompiled versions of sapnwrfc for Python, but if you build it, I'm happy to put it up on my site for download.