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SAP NW RFCSDK – it’s here!


The new SAP NetWeaver RFCSDK is now available for official download – this opens the way for supported next generation Open Source Connectors such as sapnwrfc for Perl, and sapnwrfc for Ruby.

Where to get it?

You need to go to the SAP service Portal for Software downloads, and follow the path of: Download -> Support Packages and Patches                                           -> Entry by Application Group -> Additional Components  -> SAP NW RFC                                             SDK -> SAP NW RFC SDK 7.10 -> SAP NW RFC SDK 7.10                  .

There is an accompanying   OSS note:                                            1025361.

Impact on Connectors

As mentioned in a NetWeaver RFC gives the Next generation Ruby and Perl Connectors (but so much better in Ulrichs’ SAP NetWeaver RFC SDK), the new NW RFCSDK not only updates the implementation of the library that all 3rd party products use, but it also provides a better interface to develop to, and exposes several key features such as Unicode, and complex structures.

Clearly – this is SAPs way forward in the RFC area of closely bound system integration, so all existing connectors  (and 3rd party products) will eventually have to migrate to it.

This is also true of code that is based on the existing connectors for Perl and Ruby.  For Perl – there will be a migration from SAP::Rfc -> sapnwrfc, and likewise for Ruby moving from saprfc -> sapnwrfc  (The client side implementation for the new sapnwrfc connector for Python is nearly finished, with the same implications).

My thanks and congratulations go out to the SAP NW RFC Team (NW AS ABAP Connectivity) – through their efforts, and willingness to engage the community, they have made it possible for us frustrated hackers to have a little more fun 🙂

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      Great work, Piers and NW RFC team!
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      Former Member
      I've been playing around with the new nwrfcsdk_7.10 libraries in a windows environment, on which I was already using the older rfcsdk_6.40_unicode libraries.

      nwrfcsdk_7.10 uses a newer version of the libsapucum.dll. Using this new version, breaks the Perl and Ruby SAP-RFC modules.

      Hence you can't run both nwrfcsdk_7.10 and rfcsdk_6.40_unicode on the same machine?

      Is this an issue?


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      Blog Post Author
      Can you address this by setting LD_LIBRARY_PATH before each application runs ?
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      You can on Linux/Unix...but not on Windows

      Unfortunately we use Windows in most of our architecture at Nortel

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      Former Member

      (I'm posting the same comment here which I did on Ulrich's blog ...)


      I went through the functions in the NW SDK, and they seem much much simpler to understand and use compared to the librfc32 library.

      However, I have a few queries on how the following can be done. Currently, these are preventing me from re-writing my app to use the NW SDK:

      (a) no API for determining whether a connection handle is valid.
      (b) i dont see a way for determining which parameters are optional for an RFC.
      (c) also, how do i get the description for a RFC parameter? will extendedDescription always be a wchar if i use SAPWithUnicode?
      (d) there's no function to convert a GUID to a RFC_TID and vice versa
      (e) in RfcInstallTransactionHandlers, what is the sysId parameter? it wasnt there in librfc32u.



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      Former Member
      Hey Piers:

      Congratulations! This a great goal! -:D I already download the Ruby connector from marketplace -:P I hope someday I can make it work -:)



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      Former Member
      Ok...I made a mistake...I actually downloaded the new Python Connector from your webpage -:( Haven't test it yet...Planning to learn Python in a few -;)



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      Flavio Furlan
      Hey Piers,

      I had installed NW4 Linux Testdrive and I'm not able to download the SAP NW RFCSDK from Software Download.

      Please, do you have another option to download the same?


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      Bala Arunachalam

      Hey Piers,

      We are trying to install SDK to connect R with SAP BW. We are getting the below error when installing the SDK:

      configure: error: "SAPNWRFCSDK header sapnwrfc.h not found"

      ERROR: configuration failed for package âRSAPâ

      * removing â/usr/local/lib64/R/library/RSAPâ

      This article explains installation steps (

      what are we missing here? Any help?


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      Former Member
      Blog Post Author

      Hi Bala -

      can you try the alternative installation from github:



      install_github('RSAP', username='piersharding', args=c("--configure-args='--with-nwrfcsdk-include=/home/piers/code/sap/nwrfcsdk/include --with-nwrfcsdk-lib=/home/piers/code/sap/nwrfcsdk/lib' --no-clean-on-error"))

      From here RSAP/INSTALL at master · piersharding/RSAP · GitHub

      It is not easy getting updates through to CRAN, so github has a more recent version.

      Also, can you let me know what OS and versions of everything that you are using.


      Piers Harding.