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Vienna is just around the corner…

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Last month I was in Atlanta as part of the “Blogger’s Corner” from SAP and had a blast, rumor has it the Enterprise Irregulars decided they would not kill me either for trying to impersonate a blogger 😉 just kidding the guys (and gals) were fantastic and I had a blast! For those of you not aware, the SAP Blogger’s Corner is where SAP invites and sponsors several industry leading bloggers around Enterprise software and services to attend the event, gives them access to executives and press conferences and let’s them have a free hand in asking questions and digging deep.

Thomas and I are both off again next week to Vienna for the next SAPPHIRE event!You’ll be able to follow along with the action by the following links:

and the bloggers that will be present are…

Axel Angeli
The Mentors of the Service Oriented Architecture

Maggie Fox
Social Media Group

James Governor

Dennis Howlett

Thomas Otter

Prashanth Rai
CIO Weblog

Sigurd Rinde

David Terrar
Business Two Zero

Charlie Wood

Dale Vile
Freeform Dynamics Blog

Not confirmed yet…

Manoj Ranaweera
Manoj Ranaweera EIPP Blog

Then there is me Craig Cmehil, Craig Cmehil still a bit daunting to be thrown in with these folks I mean I subscribe to most all of these (actually all of them now) as well but after Atlanta I think I’m ready and I certainly plan to do more Podcasting as well as some live video!

Remember you can consider me your input, your voice box to the whole thing. You send me, comment here, or call me with your questions and inquiries and I will do my best to find out answers for you while I am there.


What: SAP Sapphire ’07
SAPPHIRE is the one place where senior executives, business managers, and decision-makers can come together to explore how innovative business solutions foster long-term, profitable growth. At SAPPHIRE, you’ll discover how to apply the power and flexibility of the cutting-edge solutions that SAP has implemented for businesses of all sizes, in virtually every industry. And, you’ll learn how you can benefit from the flexibility of our latest business and technology innovations. Innovations that help you create airtight supply chains. Deepen customer relationships. Empower your workforce. And sustain growth and profitability.
When: Montag, Mai 14, 2007 8:00 to Mittwoch, Mai 16, 2007 6:00
Where: Reed Exhibitions Messe Vienna, Wien Austria

Once you arrive at Sapphire you can find me in the Press area or out on the show floor in the brand new Breaking News: Come Lounge with Us in Vienna a first ever at a Sapphire event and shaping up to be a very interesting place!

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