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Have you been to the “other” side yet?

Within just a few short weeks the new “Community Profiles” area has exploded with content, and I don’t just mean “profiles” themselves!  There are now over 500 profiles live in the system, we even have an awesome SAP Community Profiles Widget – The Next Avatar… so you can get a visual preview of them as they are created and updated, had our first spotlight and the first innovation.  Not to mention all the new “junior” bloggers starting up! image So are you in there and active? Are you looking for the cool stuff to let us know about it? How’s your profile looking?  Remember this area is what you make of it and we are eager to see exactly what that is, so show us or tell us – we will beginning our next round of “Community Profiles v0.2” here soon so your feedback is greatly appreciated! What do you want to see in there next?
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