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Another Way to Listen to SAP Community Podcasts : Widget !

Well, they say that an “Idle mind is the Devil’s Workshop”… But all I could do when I was idle for a coupla days was to think of new widget ideas and this is the outcome. Lo and Behold a Widget to listen to SAP Community Audio Podcasts ! As Craig put it, it is “…just one more in a million ways to listen to Podcasts…”Acknowledgements

The Widget…imageSome Features…

  • Apart from the usual controls the Feed Icon image can be used to manually reload the list of podcasts.
  • To listen to a Podcast, just select it and click on the Play button to hear the Podcast right on the Widget.
  • A Volume Control to change the volume of the player from within the widget.
  • Also Previous and Next buttons to browse through Podcasts.

Beware though… this widget displays only the list of Audio Weblogs as Video is not yet supported by the Yahoo! Widgets Engine.Refer to this Blog : New features : SAP Community Podcast Widget : Hotkeys ! for updates and new features.

Download it here…

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