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A BPX podcast. Intel, Kraft and SAP….

At Sapphire in Atlanta Craig videoed my good self talking with Paul Taylor from Kraft, Cheryl Mascaro from Intel and Marilyn Pratt from the SAP BPX team.

Alas the video didn’t really work out, as there was a lot of ambient noise, as I believe the term is called.

Herewith is the backup, Sans video I’m afraid, recorded via my trusty nano and microphone. I don’t have a fancy introduction with theme music, but at Vienna, who knows!

Special Thanks to Cheryl and Paul for being our first victims.

If any other readers-listeners plan to be at Sapphire in Vienna, drop Craing Cmehil or me a line, we’d love to podcast your BPX, SAP experiences.  

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    • Thanks Thomas for making this available.  Of course melding the video with the better quality podcast was what I was hoping for but still a great deal of work to produce, even with modern technology (and kind of kills the immediacy of posting).
      I also wonder what the community thinks of transcripts.
      Many people like the ability to read as well as listen to content.  That also is very time consuming to produce but if it provides value, we will experiment.

      If only very few people are listening or…reading these podcast blogs, one has to question the value of expending so much effort, though.

      • Indeed, alas the day job is a little in the way for me to play movie editor at the moment, so I figured we would just get it up. For Vienna we should be a little better at this.