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SBDM – Some more Insights!

In continuation to my previous blog, we would now see the properties on the segment level of a BDoc.  In the segment level, we can see 4 tabs:  Segment Overview : This contains the basic details about the Segment of a BDoc like the Name, structure,description and the parent segment(if any). And there are three checkboxes namely,      Cascaded Delete – Checking this denotes that a delete in the parent segment means deletion of all the child segments too.      Use Map – Checking this denotes, that the segment field names and the mapped table field names are different and hence the generation uses the mapped fields.      Select Distinct – Checking this invokes a distinct select of the data. This involves a lot of performance issues.  The next 2 tabls are the Mappings and Joins. A Segment Table is the physical table being referred to, via the segment.Segment tables can have Aliases and Where Clauses on tables can be defined with joins.And the last tab, is the Segment fields that has the list of fields with main properties namely,      Key – This is the primary key for the underlying table.      Parent key – Contains the parent key, if there is assosciation with any parent segment.      R/3 field – :- This field is checked If the field is present in CRM system      R/3 key field – This field is checked if the field is an primary key in the CRM system. (This information is helpful when we have to transfer data from CRM to CDB)      Sort ASC – Sort Asc when checked forces the fields to be sorted in ascending order, Sort Order provides priority or the order in which the fields should be sorted 
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