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No More T-Shirts

UPDATED: Food for Points

It’s been a long time in the process and final decisions have been made and the verdicts are in and the result is, the milestone t-shirts are coming to an end.  We love the fact that everyone wants a t-shirt and that many sent photos of themselves wearing the t-shirts however with continued problems with shipping to certain parts of the world and some people simply not satisfied with receiving such a great gift to begin with we have done something I don’t think has ever been done before we decided to cancel the t-shirt program.  No, we’ve not decided to stop acknowledging everyone but rather have opted for something new – I’m not going to share that with you though, you’ll have to wait as the t-shirts of various sizes for each level run out we will begin sending out this new item. Now personally I think this new item is much cooler! It’s something you can have on you all the time and multiple ones! Oh, and before you ask “NO WE WILL NOT SEND YOU  PREVIOUS ONES, ONLY THE NEXT ONE WHEN IT COMES TIME and since we might still have your t-shirt size it might take longer”. Now some of the reasons we chose to do this are because not everyone wants a t-shirt or not everyone wants to wear one and quite frankly sending things to India resulted in more often than not it being lost by the Indian Postal System (someone please help them organize themselves), sending to Israel was a problem because a Hebrew tag had to be added, sending to some Middle East countries were a problem because of customs and textiles. Oh and not to mention sending within the EU was a nightmare due to customs.  So we will continue to acknowledge you in the Contributor’s Corner and we will continue acknowledgment for each level. You still have the chance to be acknowledged for being one of the top 3 in each major area as well as being part of the top 10 for the year – you still will get your prize and certificates for those things as well as your pin at TechEd.  Wow, I didn’t realize how much we actually do acknowledge everyone and that is not even including the various Contributor Spotlights. So it seems a little bit of a waste to add this next bit, but since we’ve already decided on it a few months back I guess I still need to reveal it to everyone. Milestones (starting August 1, 2007)

  • 250
  • 500
  • 1000
  • 2000
  • 3000
  • 4000
  • 5000

Those are the new milestones with the new **************, then we have:

  • 10000 – Special Jacket
  • 20000 – Special Fleece Jacket
  • 30000 – Messenger Bag
  • 50000 – TBD
  • 75000 – TBD
  • 100000 – TBD

Also not to forget but you also have a chance based on your points for free access or discounted access to TechEd, SDN Day and other events.  You all are making out like bandits here!

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  • is there any picture available on the SDN?

    Craig you told us that a lot of SDN members sent pictures wearing the t-shirts. Is there any gallery available on SDN? 😉

    Best Regards,


  • Well…What can I say? I really love SDN T-Shirts…I got 3 of them and wear them all weekends…

    I think I need to reach the 5K level before my size runs out -:)

    Don’t have an idea about the new “prize”…But i’m sure it’s going to be really great! -:D



  • Even with the first milestone being at 10K, it’s like climbing Mount Everest as far as I’m concerned (or mission suicidal or impossible for the mere mortal that I am). Man! Somebody did raise the bar here.  I know some passed the 20K already. That’s like a mind blowing milestone already and now look at the 4th or 5th or 6th milestones. That’s like an Olympian or Herculean or even mythical achievement. Whoever gets there definitely deserve their rewards. Geez, that’s a heck of a climb. Good luck and Bravo if you get there
  • Makes my day hearing that. I like it too. Thankfully I got a sample and wearing it often, just without the nice embroidering 🙂

    Best, Mark.

    • The embroidering though makes it OH SOOOO MUCH nicer 🙂 it truely is probably the best one you (Mark Finnern) have come up with since SDN launched 🙂 although I do wear my SDN Übergeek hat alot.
  • Fleece Jacket??!! Can’t wait to wear that in the Negev Desert in Israel in the summer!!!

    Just kidding.

    I think all the prizes are great. I think before the SDN event at Tech Ed, you shoud hold a kind of fashion show to show off all the prizes that contributors can win. However, I think you should hire models instead of having contributors do the modeling (nothing personal to the contributors, just think it would be a little more attractive.)


  • Wow!!!. this is great news. I have always loved wearing the T-shirts I have receivedbecause of its good quality & also to tease collegues & motivate them to start partcipating in SDN.

    The new gifts I am sure will be much improved & better utility gift. Hopefully, it may work as a better to further motivate myself & my collegues to participate.

    Great news.

    Rajesh Banka

  • If we are among the top three for substantial time, is there some addtional recognition provided, apart from gift on crossing milestone.

    Rajesh Banka

    • Each year fro TechEd (Top Contributor report – “Points Since Last Contest”) we reward the top 3 of each major area with a pin, certificate and gift certificate. As well as the top 10 for that time frame overall.
  • After crossing the first milestone of 250 points I never ever received the T-shirt… Its been quiet sometime… I have communicated through mails couple of times with no outcomes…
    I would appreciated if the recognition system actually worked…


    • Wow, considering the only area on this planet I have the most problems happens to be your country I will throw that back at you and ask why you can’t get your postal system to actually work and deliver with 100% certainty. Now as I mentioned one of the reasons we are changing is because of that – however if you send me a direct email and let me know who you contacted and when we’ll get it worked out for you just like we do with everyone else sooner or later.
  • Craig,

    And when new recognition model will be in effect?

    Say, I cross 10K mark this week (2 days before your post). So I will
    — get a jacket (old prize)
    — get new prize
    — both 🙂
    — neither 🙂


  • such different places. You may say Indian Postal System is like a leaking pipe. The T-shirt does get delivered but to someone else. Though I never recevied my 1/4K, 1/2K and “I blog on SDN” t-shirt at my office address, but saw a auto driver in orange 1/4K t-shirt around the IT hub. Never got a chance to click a picture and send to you. But that is my part of CSR I guess 🙂 Thankfully switching to my home address got me the blue 1K t-shirt and more recently a special gift (BPX wristband).
    • Of course, all Community Members are eligible in fact the only people that end up not getting ALL the benefits are those like me who work directly for SAP Community Network.

      In fact last year I held the #1 spot in two areas I think and before that as well, as well as many others.

      • Hmm Craig…..You deserve it (Top 3), Infact as a process you would have got the Gift as well 🙂

        Craig i have a clarification, is this top 3 contributions for only forum points (each forum top 3).

        Great SDN , great contributions.


      • There are couple of query with reference to top 3:
        1. Are top 3 considered for all heads covered in forum. All heads I refer to say SAP-SD, SAP Financials, Business process expert general discussion, analytics & so on ….. or it cover the heading in which these are covered.
        2. How do we know our position for qualification of the same, as the forum will go ahead with SDM members adding to contribution points, year after year.
        3. What is the period considered for top 3 contributors & what is some one have joined midway & has good contribution, but not amongs top 3.

        Please guide.

        Rajesh Banka

        • The points are between TechEd so this year is the Aug 1, 2006 to July 31, 2007 and you can what the areas are from the top contributor report on the homepage, it’s the “developement areas” you can select from the list.
  • Hi Craig,

    1. I just wanted to check that as I have received mail for t-shirt for crossing 1K milestone, will I be getting the T-shirt.

    2. As the new posposed milestone are effecting from 1st August, 2007, & anyone who crosses 2K, 3K …milestone, will they receive recognition or not.

    3. It will be highly appreciated that if you also recognize SDN member for crossing milestone with a certficate certifying crossing of milestone.

    Rajesh Banka

    • First the “August 1st” is an estimate not fixed – should have been more clear on that.

      As for the t-shirt as I said as long as we have your size we will send it otherwise you will receive the new item.

      The recognition does not stop it continues simply what we send changes.

      No we will not be sending a piece of paper as well, sorry but we decided against it.

  • Hi Craig,
    sorry, how to spell your SAP position/job name in your signature?

    Even … what? Is it just a joke? or a neologism?
    Or are you really an Evangelist?

    Thanks anyway for all your efforts!
    Best regards,

    • No I am really a SAP Evangelist – I think in the system my title is “specialist” or something like that but my business card, mail signature, and how I introduce my job is “Evangelist” 🙂
      • Of course “Evangelist” sounds proudly…
        Sorry if you cannot correct the already published blog…
        Kind regards,
        • Well one should be proud of what they do – as for me I’m proud to be able to work where I work and do what I do so I guess it fits…

          as for the typo??

  • Hi Craig,

    I am keen to know what is covered under the head ‘Business Solution’. Is this only linked to the Forum – SAP Solution or also other areas.

    I know I am pouring many queries from time to time, but require your guidance as I want to make a good place for me in SDN Network.

    I also am very confused on how to create a Blog (not in forum).

    Please guide.

    Rajesh Banka

    • It also includes Wiki and Article, How To Guide and eLearning content as well.

      Each person who has earned at least 100 points receives an invite to create a “profile” from there you can also start your “junior” blog and once the community has decided you have “good quality” content then you will be invited to the normal blog system (here).

  • Hi Craig,
    I crossed 250 mark 2 months before.
    Updated required details before that…..
    I m still waiting for my T-shirt…. and i wanted it badly since it was the thing that was really motivating me to post…

    neways ready your blogs its very interesting ang knowlegable…


    • Hi Craig,
         I have mentioned my T-shirt size as ‘L’ in my business card and in the mail to Lisa. What I have got is 2 T-shirts of XL size with the TAG of the SIZE removed. Looks like if there is no stock of ‘L’ left, send ‘XL’ T-shirt by removing the size TAG is what happened in my case. Please take some action, I am happy to receive one but disappointed to see that is of Wrong size. May be its time I need to grow a little fatter 🙂


  • Hi Craig,
    I have mentioned my T-shirt size as ‘L’ in my business card and in the mail to Lisa. What I have got is 2 T-shirts of XL size with the TAG of the SIZE removed. Looks like if there is no stock of ‘L’ left, send ‘XL’ T-shirt by removing the size TAG is what happened in my case. Please take some action, I am happy to receive one but disappointed to see that is of Wrong size. May be its time I need to grow a little fatter 🙂