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Troubleshooting in Adobe online interactive form for beginner

My very first application of Adobe online interactive form in Web Dynpro for Java has a scenario as: Adobe form has two input text fields and a ‘Submit’ button. On click of submit button, this form along with entered text values should get saved to local machine as a ‘*.PDF’ file. For this, I have referred to link I am sharing some ways of troubleshooting problems, which you may come across while implementing. Below blog is described with respect to implementation on NWO4S SP09.


i. Create Web Dynpro local development component.

ii. Create Web Dynpro component, in which PDF form is displayed in view controller.

iii. Create context structure for view controller- This involves creation of value node with corresponding value attributes, which need to be displayed as a PDF form fields. Also an important one i.e. value attribute ‘pdfSource’ of type ‘binary’.

iv. Create actions, data binding of main value node and implementation in view controller.


Troubleshooting Steps

1. While designing PDF template for Adobe online interactive form, we need to use SAP-defined pushbuttons such as Submit, Check Fields etc. These are present under ‘WebDynpro’ tab in library toolbar. However, sometimes if it is not present by default. Then one needs to add this to library. To do so-

Add a group ‘WebDynpro’ tab to Library – Open Adobe Lifecycle Designer from Web Dynpro.

i. Navigate to Library on left side; right click at ‘Tabs’ area for different groups. This will open a small pop-up.


ii. Select ‘Add Group’ option.

iii. Give the Name for Group, say ‘WebDynpro’. This creates a new tab called ‘WebDynpro’


iv. In order to add Web Dynpro provided UI elements to this tab, right click on the tab. This opens a pop-up. Specify a location where Web Dynpro objects are present inside Adobe Lifecycle Designer installation folder. For e.g. ‘C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\Adobe\Designer\en\Objects\WebDynpro’.

image image

This shows standard objects present under Web Dynpro tab. Now you can use SAP-defined push buttons such as ‘Submit to SAP’, ‘Check Fields’ to the template (body page).



2. Sometimes corresponding event/action does not get called on click of Submit/Check button, even though onSubmit/ onCheck properties for interactiveform field are specified properly. Reason could be ‘displayType’ field value. To check for it-

i. Open the view element by double-clicking on it.

ii. Select tab ‘Layout’. This shows already added interactiveform element in the ‘Outline’ view.

iii. Select interactiveform element, and choose ‘Properties’ tab below.

iv. Check value for ‘displayType’ field in properties tab. It has following effect on click of a Submit/Check button on Adobe online interactive from.


a. If Active Control Framework (ACF), is already installed in your system, then

displayType = native, this will not call an event onsubmit/ oncheck.

displayType = activeX, this will call an action onsubmit/ oncheck.

b. If ACF, is not installed then displayType value need not to be checked for an event call.

Now, you would be able to solve such problems appearing at starting and can step towards some more difficult applications of Adobe online form using Web Dynpro Java.

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