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May interest you…What would you answer?

Came across this in the forums and thought it was kind of interesting, more interesting would be how you respond of course.  ” What innovation is needed to meet the needs of the future workforce?”

In the coming years, a new generation called the Millennials (who are born between 1980 and 2000) will enter the labor market. The Millennials are supposed to live their life much more out of their own interests and out of what satisfies them. The question is how can large international companies like SAP attract and keep these bright minds in the future when there will be a huge lack of skilled information workers. What can we do to cope with the Millennials, to innovate in order to meet the need of an emerging generation?  I would very much appreciate your feedback on this question. Thanks, Stephanie

Please click What innovation is needed to meet the needs of the future workforce? to reply.

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  • I think this question or rather concern about the future of large companies’ ability to attract the best and the brightest is a bit US-centric, the “huge lack of skilled information workers” as the author puts it, is only seen in the United States and in my opinion is a temporary phenomenon.  With global economy in its infancy we see the new generation of American college students hesitant to enter the Information Science field, knowing very well that the supply of his/her skills is no longer enclosed within some defined border.  Upon her graduation she will have to compete not just against her American counterparts, but against the entire global market, where she has to stand out somehow. 

    If tech companies are really concerned about the future, the best action right now is to entice the potential best and the brightest while they are still young.  Sponsor Computer Science departments or create partnerships with them, make this Millennial generation feel a little more at ease about their future.