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SAP got Wired!

Excellent writeup on the past ITE 2007 event in Wired.

Still, the economics of Second Life mean that it doesn’t cost much for a company to get its virtual feet wet. Silicon City comprises two islands purchased from Second Life’s owner, Linden Lab, for $1,050 each. Monthly rent is $295, which V3 Group covers by renting out office space. Companies that exhibited at the show included Sun, Dell and SAP, as well as less familiar ones like PixelTrix (later a people’s choice award winner).  “What we’re doing,” says Craig Cmehil, community evangelist at SAP, which rents office space from V3 Group, “is building a virtual office for our community to come together and communicate.”  Cmehil himself spent the weekend at two conferences: real-life Atlanta’s Sapphire (a conference for SAP users) and the virtual world’s tech expo, where he hosted remote audio and video access to Sapphire. The biggest problem: when to sleep

I’ve mentioned in the past that we will be holding a press conference to officially “open” the doors of our new community office but with Sapphire Vienna fast approaching we won’t be holding our press conference until after it’s over. I would watch for announcements and information about the time and date starting around the 17th of this month.  Location: Silicon Island Pavilionimage

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  • Hey Craig:

    Now that you add me as a friend on Second Life, you could teleport me to Silicon Island so we can hang out -;)

    I want a SDN T-Shirt so badly for my alter ego “Blag Barrymore” -;)

    Great to be Wired! Congratulations -:D