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Composition Environment and sharing services for a faster way to Enterprise SOA

Composition Environment

Everybody await the release of the SAP Composition Environment. When I read the The SAP NetWeaver Composition Environment Triple Play of Jeff Anders I was delighted to hear that a 30 day trial version is available in the download section of the SDN since April 24th. I started to download the small 1,8 GB file. I read that I need a powerful machine so I decided to install the trial version on my private new machine, but without success. My problem is that I have the new Windows Vista OS on my machine.  Anyway, I want to test the trial version I asked for workarounds in the corresponding SDN forums, but there I was told that there is no way to install the trial version on a Vista Machine. There was also a suggestion to install Virtual PC for a virtual Windows XP installation for installing the trial version. I wanted to install MS Virtual PC 2004, but this is not possible, because there are compatibility issues. Now I noticed that there is MS Virtual PC 2007 available, which I download now. I hope the final release of the SAP Composition Environment supports Windows Vista as OS. What are you thinking about the trial version? What are you’re experienced with the trial? What do you expect from the final release especially the Visual Composer CE version?

Sharing services a win-win situation

I have run off the topic. The final SAP Composition Environment should contain a new version of Visual Composer and Guided Procedure. These two tools are the interesting part for me as developer.  I hope there will be soon a trial version of CE available which contains Visual Composer and Guided Procedure. I thought during time of waiting it would be a good idea to use the trial CE to develop new web services for Visual Composer. In the last months I often had to write web services for my Visual Composer applications. I’m a lazy developer ;). I think if there is something similar available, pick it up and modify so that it met your requirements. Wouldn’t it be great if we Visual Composer developers have a resource for web services?  – Luis F. Lanz, another Visual Composer moderator here on SDN from SAP started last week a discussion in the Visual Composer forum. He wants to know which web services we use in our Visual Composer models and suggest to create a new WIKI are for public web services. I read the thread and thought: “This is a good idea, why should I wait until someone creates the WIKI section?”  I created the section and there are now a few links to public web services, but I think in relation to SAP development it would be great if there will be a lot of examples for web services based on SAP technology like the SAP Enterprise Portal or SAP Master Data Management. I think about web services which returns all portal roles or the portal roles for a certain user or starting a guided procedure with a web service and so on there are no limitations, with more services there are more possibilities. I have read some blogs in the past here on SDN which contains code snippets of great web services. It would be great if the authors add there code examples into the WIKI. The web services could be java web services, ABAP web services and also ABAP RFCs. I think sharing services helps every developer, you could spent time in development if your required web service is available in the WIKI, you get new ideas from other services, other SDN members can improve your posted service and so on. These advantages are the result of this great SAP Developer Network.

Thanks in advanced to all SDN members who add links to public web services or add their own coding. Best Regards,


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