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Bliz – Episode 2

1. “Thing-oriented programming” is the art of creating software composed of Things. Because this activity resembles growing and building rather than modeling and programming, we sometimes call Thing-oriented programming “to build rather than model”. Which of the following provides an implementation of the model?(a) WebDAV (b) Ercatons (c) Delta V (d) Java Development Infrastructure (JDI) 2. The fetch type LAZY is a not a directive but only a hint. SAP JPA (Java Persistence API) 1.0 supports lazy loading for multiple-valued relationships only. For single-valued relationships or basic fields, a lazy loading hint is ignored and eager loading is performed instead. True or False?(a) True (b) False 3. The Java Message Service (JMS) is not a product itself, but a set of predefined interfaces provided in the javax.jms package. Java programs that send and/or receive messages using JMS are called _____(a) JMS Providers (b) JMS Clients (c) Message-driven beans (MDBs) (d) JMS Connectors 4. SAP Scripting Framework is an innovative technology that enables scripting developers to rapidly integrate SAP service calls into their scripts. The product is based on the Eclipse platform and therefore inherits its native flexibility and extensibility. Which of the following is not one of the main goals of SAP Scripting Framework –(a) Repository browsing for common SAP backend systems (R/3 BAPIs, R/3 web services, ESR, SAP-XI, etc.) (b) Plug-in based extensibility enabling developers to write their own code generators for other languages or connectors for other backend systems (c) Generation of scripting code in a restricted set of scripting languages (d) Support for concurrent backend service connectors for the same language (e.g. PHP) 5. The SAP NetWeaver Development Infrastructure (NWDI, or JDI in previous releases), together with the _______________________ , provides a complete Java development environment. Developers, quality managers, testers, and administrators have everything they need for the software creation process in NWDI central services.(a) Design Time Repository (b) SAP System Landscape Dictionary (c) SAP Composite Application Framework (d) SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio
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