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Breaking News: Come Lounge with Us in Vienna

We’ll Be Lounging in Vienna May 14-16

Come join us at Sapphire in Vienna at our “Community Lounge.” We’ll have comfy sofas and coffee tables where you can enjoy the cameraderie of other community members and those quirky-but-cool bloggers in a relaxed atmosphere. We’ll also have demo stations and tables for informal discussions and presentations by customer and partner community members with a fluid, rotating, and dynamic schedule. Here’s who and what communities you’ll find represented and gathering in the Community Lounge:

  • SDN: SAP Developer Network
  • BPX: Business Process Experts
  • ESC: Enterprise Services Community
  • IVN: Industry Value Networks
  • Bonus = occasional, random Bloggers Note: The bloggers are “occasional” and “random” only because they’ll be running all around Sapphire, interviewing executives, attending press conferences, talking with customers and partners, and — of course — actually writing and publishing their thoughts and observations in — you guessed it — blogs like these. Among those you may see and meet (we’re finalizing travel and other details), and who would enjoy meeting you in-person as well:
  • Marco ten Vaanholt
  • Karin Schattka
  • Izzy Olivkovich
  • Keith Elliott
  • Frauke Hoffmann
  • Aaron Williams
  • Craig Cmehil
  • Mark Finnern
  • Marilyn Pratt
  • others to be added
  • and of course I’ll be there as well There will always be something happening, something new to learn, or some community member to meet in person (most of them are friendly…really), so visit as often as you’d like.
Top Secret: We’re Not in the Program Guide and Map, So Here’s Where to Find Us

You won’t find our “Community Lounge” in the official Sapphire Vienna program guide, or the map, or other official materials. Instead, make a note to cruise near the Netweaver Theater or simply ask at one of the help desks. Here’s a map of the showfloor layout, with our location highlighted next-door to the NetWeaver Theater: image You can also keep an eye open for this towering sign, and we’ll be nearby: image

We Hope You’ll Join Us in the Lounge

The community team members from SAP, and your fellow community members, would enjoy meeting you in person if you’ll be at Sapphire Vienna. I suspect that the bloggers who are covering the event would also like a break from talking to executives for awhile in order to speak with real people (those include customers, partners, suppliers, independents, systems integrators, VARs, ISVs, and SAP employees) about how they find value in SAP products and in SAP communities like SDN and BPX and ESC and IVNs. Please make it a point to stop by and visit. We hope to see you there.

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  • Woohoo!  I’ve gotten my Sapphire registration and now I’m very eager to know if there will be any community members who are going to Vienna.  Would love to continue About SCNconversations there….I arrive on Sunday and would like to set a meetpoint for the eveining (if there are any local suggestions).  See you in Vienna.
  • Morning All, building on the successful launch at SAPPHIRE Atlanta of the Public Sector pages within the community we will be hosting two informal get-togethers in the community lounges in Vienna. Under the motto “Service Orientated Government” Hein Keijzer, Corinne Reisert and myself are looking forward to meeting others from the community that are interested in how to best serve the Public Sector both across the BPX Community itself and with service orientated architectures. Come by on either Monday, 14th May at 13:00hrs, or Tuesday, 15th May at 12:00hrs – and hope to see you there.