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Bliz – Episode 1 – Answers

1. What is the topic of the month(April 2007) in SDN?a) ESOA b) ABAPc) Mobiled) NetWeaver 2. Which of the following SAP Applications is not based on Mobile Infrastructure?a) Mobile Asset Management (MAM)b) Mobile Sales for Laptop (MSA)  c) Mobile Time & Travel (MTT) d) Mobile Sales for Handheld (MSAHH)  Click here for more information. 3. Mobile Sales Online (MSOn) is based on which technology?a) Mobile Infrastructure b) CRM Mobile Client Technologyc) Mobile Web Dynpro  d) None of the above  Click here for more information. 4. The tool used for designing and developing Mobile .Net client applications is called –a) Visual Composer b) Mobile Application Repository c) NetWeaver Developer Studiod) Mobile Application Studio   Click here for more information. 5. It supports the streamlined implementation of predefined mobile business scenarios providing access to enterprise processes anywhere, anytime. What am I talking about?a) SAP Best Practices for Mobility  b) Nokia Mobility Tools for the SAP NetWeaver Platform c) SAP NetWeaver Developer’s Guide 2004s d) Mobile Development Kit (MDK)  Click here for more information. ScoresSteffen Karsch – 5/5 Yalamanchili Kumar – 4/5
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