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Who needs Web 2.0 we’ve got WebElements 3.0

The Wiseman

Well its not exactly WebElements 3.0 but it is the third edition of the very useful Custom Function library.  The WebElements are a Custom Function Suite for Crystal Reports XI and XI R2 that allow report designers to embed web controls into Crystal Reports that are hosted on the web.  These controls add web interactivity to usually static operational reports. 

Jamie Wiseman the creator of the custom function suite (pictured above) has been able to help a huge number of customers increase the functionality of their reports with the WebElements library.  They in turn have been a great help to Jamie by submitting ideas for enhancements, bugs, tips and tricks, and best practices.  Jamie has incorporated this feed back in this latest release which includes bug fixes, new features, and an improved user guide.  

Whats new in WebElements 2.2?

  •   Tree picker control which is handy for choosing group values or filter values 
  • Pop-up calendar and pop-up calendar range controls
  • Fly-out section control in which text, pictures, and controls (including i-frames) can be displayed
  • Extended marquee control that allows the end user to stop, start, reverse the control
  •   Submit links and buttons with the ability to open or refresh multiple reports or i-frames (Customer suggestion)
  •    Ability to have multiple validation methods for one control (Customer suggestion)

DownloadLearn more and Download the WebElements .

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