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Confessions of a TechEd 2007 Proposal Procrastinator

Last Call

Here we are only 3 days away from the TechEd community speakers proposal deadline and we all know that many good folks with lots of very interesting things to say and share have not yet submitted their abstracts and proposals. How do we know this? Well the SDN/BPX community is probably no different than some of our own internal folks who engage in the age-old custom of handing stuff in the last minute…it’s called procrastination! Of course, I should have been reminding you about this earlier….so I wanted to share with you:

My Five Top Reasons for Not Writing this Blog Sooner
  1. Someone else will have already written one (the old…”others will do my work for me” approach)
  2. Craig writes these kind of things in a winning and convincing and even commanding way
  3. (or Craig is really listened to here in ubergeek world..or others can say it better, excuse)…but Craig hasn’t been feeling well since Atlanta and anyway, I promised I’d write. It’s all about intergity and promise (see excuse number 1).
  4. I hate working with the blog editor tool
  5. – oops- if my boss’ boss can handle html tags..that excuse is rather lame
  6. People don’t like nagging…or marketing
  7. – but anyone I’ve personally reminded has said: “thanks for the reminder”, I really want to be part of this and we don’t want our community thinking: “why didn’t you give us one last reminder?”
  8. It’s getting too late anyway
  9. -favorite excuse of procrastinators…

So, here you have my invitation and my reminder with hopes to see you at TechEd 2007…unless of course you’d rather procrastinate yourself out of your speaking spot

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  • …I am one of those!
    Got a reminder yesterday from Christina and submitted two proposals today – hope they make it through the first round.
    See you in Las Vegas, :-)Harald
    • Thanks for the validation, Harald and …would really be glad to see you in Vegas…or Munich…or Bangalore for that matter.
      And thanks Christina for evangelizing this.  It is a great opportunity for the community to have its say..and day..and WebDynpro (HR focused especially for Suresh)
  • up until today, I thought TechEd2007 was in Atlanta. Too far… Being in Vegas, that’s different now. Let me send you one or two proposals
    • It’s Vegas, again, baby (another Oh vey for this granny)  So do we dare to hope to see you there, Andre?  I would love to have you part of the geek and suit shoot out….or dunking that seems to be in my BPX cards.  See blog comments in Mark Yolton’s TechEd blog
  • Hi Marilyn,

    your formatting looks interesting in Firefox 😉

    regards, anton

    PS: I didn’t say innovative!
    PPS: (Firefox on Win XP, SP2 for the techies to handle it)

    • Oh vey,
      So here’s excuse number 6: My laptop disk died, I scrambled to re-install all my fun software favorites.  I “usually” check my blogs in firefox, but now I don’t even have it installed….and gone is my mind manager and visio…microsoft project as well….or is it my mind and my sight..and my project focus.

      Thanks for the heads-up. Mea Culpa. No self-respecting geek would have dared post as I have done.  That’s what comes of procrastination….senility, and not being very innovative 🙂

  • You need to write my titles for me, please.  Also liked that even *you* don’t like the blog tool… it’s rough.  Enjoyed Anton’s innovative use of Firefox…  You already inspired Harald and Andre for a total of at least three more proposed topics. That’s an effective blog with high value-to-number-of-words ratio.


    • Woohoo!  I’m finally going to get a first hand opportunity to speak to the fiesty(is that politically correct?) and very interesting Mr. James.  (If I’m going to be in Munich, that is)