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But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for…

Please search before you post…

I am one of those persons who like to tell people in the forum that they should do a search before they ask a question. Unfortunately after some time I found out that it is sometimes really hard to get good search results with the forum search so I stopped adding those comments to my posts. I thought about writing a blog which explains how to use the SDN search as effectively as possible. I also wanted to include how to use Google to search for SDN content. Fortunately I never wrote this blog because two days ago I found a better solution.

Google Custom Search Engine

Google offers a pretty neat service which allows you to build yourself a customized search engine which only returns results from selected sources. So following the example of I started to build one for the SAP world.

The result is this little site.


It not only searches the SDN forums, weblogs, wikis. It checks and also looks at for content. Of course, this is only the beginning. Over the time I will add more relevant sites.

Make searching even more convenient. Add a Firefox keyword!

Maybe some of you guys already know how to use the Firefox keyword feature for all the others here is a complete description.
Firefox search keywords make it very easy to start a search. It allows you to enter a search directly into the the location field. Firefox takes the query and delegates it to a website which you specify with a keyword.
An example (sap is the keyword):


In order to get this working with the custom search engine follow these easy steps.

  1. Go the site for the custom search engine by clicking on this link. Then right click on the inputfield and select “Add a Keyword for this Search…”

  2. Enter the keyword you want to use and a name for the bookmark which will be created.

  3. Finished 🙂


It is possible to contribute to this search engine for example by adding more sources. So if you have a good idea please contribute. Or maybe you have an idea for a different search engine…

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  • This would make the 4th blog ( I think it was 3 already) about using the new Google search for searching SDN 😉

    Again though remember it won’t find everything…

    • Actually, I’ve found Google to be much better for searching SDN forums and blogs than SDN itself…
      • fully agree with you.

        for some reason I am not able to explain, TREX is the strangest search engine I ever came across.

        when I search I use google like ‘searchterm’ and have a (at least subjective) feeling that I get the better result set.

        maybe once we get someone from the TREX team to explain the strange behaviour in a blog here.