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ERP Operations Wiki is here

ERP remains the heart of SAP’s business applications with Operations a core business process area. Now with its own Wiki space more collaboration and sharing of knowledge will be possible in the different business processes of ERP Operations which are core to any organization – large or small. Even as Enterprise Solution or ERP package moves to Service Oriented Architecture, it becomes more important to understand and abstract the core business processes for better service orientation.   In view of this and also as the starting point for beginners in SAP the Wiki will come very handy. So check it out, put in content, send your comments & suggestions but more importantly spread the word amongst your peers, colleagues, friends.   Coming to the more mundane facts of the new Wiki space – it is structured in similar style as SCM Wiki. The main page of ERP Operations branches out to different functional modules like Production Planning, Material Management, Warehouse Management.   Also there are the standard pages for Interesting Links, Bibliography, FAQs and Learning Map. Feel free to create new pages, add and modify content. While creating new pages you can use three templates – one for main module pages (if say you are creating Sales and Distribution or Transportation Management page), one for sub-module pages (if say you are adding child page PP-MRP under Production Planning page) and one for FAQ pages. Using the templates will help you focus more on the content than the layout and design.   So what are you waiting for – go ahead and take a look into ERP Operations space, explore the different pages already put up, post your comments here on your suggestions or through Notify Moderator link of Wiki page and last but not the least put in content.
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