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Have you visited the Contributor Corner lately?

The Contributor Corner, in the wiki is loaded with community relevant information. This is the place to find the most up to date community news. If you haven’t visited lately you won’t recognize the corner. The amount of info there is staggering. Here’s a sample…  In my weekly round-up you can find a collection of the past week’s community related blogs. Check out this week’s. In the Crossover section you’ll find all the contributors that reached a milestone that week. Take a look at the huge number that crossed from April 18-27! Congratulations to you all!  The Contributor Corner is the place to find quick links to our community projects and community challenges. It’s the place to learn more about the people who make up our community , including those contributors we feature in the corner but if you missed any don’t worry you can catch them here.    The CC (aka Contributor Corner) is the place to find our community authors,   podcasters and even those that are active in Second Life! There is a section for newbies that explains how to get started with wiki, and has the community faq and the very essential points faq.  The CC has important information like our online meet-ups but also links to fun information like our online registered users record which at the moment stands at 1697 , caught by  Sriramachandra Murthy Parasuramuni! And visit our page that’s sure to make you smile.    There is event information and our 2 columns From the Grumpier Old Man: Any way the wind blows. by Eddy De Clerq and PCD II: Creating Portal Objects by Daniel Wroblewski. So if you haven’t visited lately be sure to do so and don’t forget this is your corner and it’s a wiki so add content and make the CC even better!  
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