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Business Documents…What are they?

In my previous blog, I guess they were references to Business Documents. But what are Business Documents, or BDoc’s as they are popularly called. A Business Document is a collection of statements that define a logical object (e.g. one Sales Document, one Business partner). Every Business Object that retrieves data or writes data needs a BDoc. Every business object will have a separate BDoc for the same. For example, a BP in CRM is stored in more than one table. Now a BDoc is used to bundle all the information related to a BP in a logical unit and is transferred to different systems. But why do we need to bundle the info?? .Data needs to be sent as one unit in order to ensure that the integrity of the data is maintained. Instead of transporting several individual table entries we have everything in one package.  A BDoc consists of segments and each segment has segment fields. BDoc’s & Segments follow a hierarchy, which represents a logical structure and model. Segments are identified by unique names inside a BDoc.On top of the hierarchy there is always one unique root segment, it contains the unique ID which is used to replicate the BDoc to the mobile client. These BDoc’s are modeled in the BDoc Modeler, accesses using the transaction ‘SBDM’ in the CRM Server.  The BDoc Modeler is a tool for modeling Business Documents in the BDoc Repository. The BDoc Repository is a data storage device that holds the entire user related BDoc information. It helps to define atomic BDoc’s. The BDoc Modeler provides an easy-to-use interface to create and complete a BDoc and the segments within BDoc’s. It implements the mapping between the physical data model and the logical data model.  In my next blog, I would discuss in detail about the transaction SBDM and the properties of BDoc.

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      Former Member

      Is the BDOc Repository the part of CRM server or it is part of some other box?


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      Anusha R I
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Manjinder,

      The BDoc Repository is part of the CRM server only.