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SDN – My journey so far…

It was TechEd 2006 (in November) at Bangalore and one of my colleagues and me were roaming around the venue looking at everything that was on display with awe.  It was my first TechED.  I was trying hard to figure out what it meant and the sea of information seemed very hard to comprehend and sometimes confusing. Lost, I settled down in one of the cosy couches in the SDN Clubhouse when a “man-with-a-microphone” appeared out of the thin air in front of us and proceeded to host some sort of a Quiz. He also made references of something called “The SDN” or “The SAP Developer Network” and I began to wonder whether it might be a long lost cousin of the “Local Area Networ (LAN)” or the WAN.   The Quiz started off. Till then I was nearly sure it would be a purely technical quiz and me, being only a year in SAP by that time, was determined not to participate and make a fool of myself and just watch !  But but, how wrong i was ! The Quiz was simple and apart from extremely easy tech, it had numerous questions on SDN itself. Quite convinced that my earlier notion about SDN was not correct and it was not even the farthest cousin or remotely related to any physical network, my curiosity grew further. My colleague who was as much in awe as I was made a bold decision to participate and won himself an SDN USB Splitter :). Damn cool !  The Quiz ended and I was pretty sure now that SDN is actually the Elder Sibling of and the “man-with-a-microphone”, whose name I had come to know as some Craig Cmehil by then, looked quite approachable (and funny) and i decided to open my bag of woes to him and asked him if he would happen to know as to where exactly could I find help documentation/tutorials of a particular something (i don’t remember what it was now !).   He looked at me and said “Check SDN ?”.   Pretty sure that the  extensive googlish search I had performed was near perfect i shot back, “I have searched everywhere, would it be there where you say it might be ? SDN ?”.   He replied : “Well if it’s not, why not try to contribute what you already know about “that something” since you are already working on it !”  He told me to look up and look around and I promised that if I can, given the limited knowledge of SAP Technology I had, I will surely contribute !  I returned home a confused soul with only a URL in my head !  It has been somewhere near 5 months so far and the journey has been amazing in a word. I’ve tried and contributed whatever little I could, learnt a lot and even tried to make people around me aware of this beautiful place on web.  There are a lot of people I have got to know and like on SDN, Craig, Gali, Blag, Eddy are but just a few of them. A Big Thanks You to Craig for inroducing me to SDN ! Now I know what I was missing in life 🙂 as the first thing I do every morning as I unlock my PC is fire it up on my browser.  For now, i am off to show off the shiny SDN Ubergeek 1GB USB Wristband  image  that I won in Eddy’s Pimp up the jam: and the winner is contest to my teammates 🙂  
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  • Hey Abesh:

    Thanx for sharing your story on the SDN -:D It’s always nice to know how people started on this lovely community…And of course, thanx for naming me on your blog -:'( I need to clean up my joy tears -:P

    I also got the SDN Ubergeek 1GB USB Wristband, it’s really nice…specially when people look at you and said “What’s that???”…”Are you sure that’s an USB???” -:)

    Congratulations on winning Eddy’s contest too -:D I don’t remember if I put a comment on his blog…So, again…Congratulations! Your theme was great -;)



    • Thanks a lot Blag. I always thought I should write about it but Craig (once again and as always !) gave the final push !

      As for the band, that’s exactly the kind of response I’ve been getting from people in my team ! It’s just amazing !

  • I seem to remember it being more of you complaining it was not there and wanting me to create it 😉 which turned to “you creating it instead” since you were working on it LOL

    Now here I am here totally blown away by how much you’ve done in the past 5 months – AWESOME!! Looking forward to your participation at SDN Day and TechEd this year!

  • Hi Abhesh,

    Congrats!, I was trying to find and look at what you designed but could not find it in Eddy’s blog.. could I get an opportunity to see it as well.


  • Hi Abesh,

    I happen to know you (via SDN) and your blogs only today.Its so smooth and enriching.
    I think once into SDN, it becomes forever.
    I myself crave to find out time to know whats in here.