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Colgate-Palmolive & SAP Imagineering Fellowship

If you’ve noticed a bit of a silence from me for the past few weeks that is mostly due to being on vacation in Italy for a few weeks but, also due to some very exciting stuff happening between SAP and Colgate.  For the past week, Ed Herrmannimage and I have been in Palo Alto for the first week of the “Imagineering Fellowship.”  The goal of this pilot program is to create an environment where customers, like Colgate, can come and work with SAP’s Imagineering team to help provide a more in-depth understanding of how SAP’s solutions are used in real enterprises and the challenges faced by them.  It will also allow us to co-innovate solutions and approaches to those needs, which of course helps both SAP and Colgate align our short and long goals.  Lastly, we hope to share some of solutions we create here on SDN.  For this particular engagement, we will be focusing on increasing BI utilization at Colgate and working to make Identity Management in the enterprise easier and more flexible.  These topics areas are of high importance to Colgate’s long-term application strategy and will help us get the most out of our existing SAP installations.  I would also hazard a guess that these topics are of importance to any enterprise with a mature SAP install base and a big BI instance.  In case you are looking for us we are in Palo Alto for the next 6 months working to get the fellowship going so, if you are in the Bay Area, drop us a line so we can meet up or stop by our office in Building E: office Keep an eye on my blog and Eddie’s blog for interesting tidbits about our experiences here in Palo Alto!

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  • A big for you both Dan and Ed!!! -:D A big step! Please keep us updated -:)

    "Dreaming: Will I ever come to see a blog entitled 'Blag and SAP working together'"  -:P

    It's great to see that SAP is encouraging such program, and it's also to see that Colgate was the choosen one to start the pilot...You guys have made awesome contributions to the SDN...I got all your blogs in my "SDN Blogs Vault" -;)



  • Hello Dan,

    hope that SAP get's a good start with you and Ed. That sounds like a good concept to drive the direction toward what customers rearly need. I wish you and Ed all the best.

    Best regards

  • Fellows, take this opportunity, squeeze 'em out and drive 'em towards Enterprise 2.0 now that they lost one of their imagineers.

    Good Luck, Much Fun!


  • You guys deserve every opportunity to succeed!  I wish I could join you....Cheers.

    Take advantage of the weather and In-N-Out. 

    I miss you guys already....see you around the SAP block.


  • I second Anton's sentiments that it is logical to reinforce or bolster the imagineering spirt in Palo Alto with the likes of you two.  Exploit every moment and continue to share these kind of contents.  Challenge and be challenged.  Your presence there is an obvious inspiration to the community of what can be accomplished through real giving and sharing.  It's definately "just deserts".  I got a little warm fuzzy feeling looking at your names on the door sign in building E.  Reminds me that I still haven't documented my office space in Ed's blog...and you've both already changed yours...and Craig is in the process of building a new one for himself.  Maybe our paths will cross in PA during the next few months and I'll have the thrill of seeing first hand what you two are up to and the C-P guys in action.
  • We are thrilled to have Ed and Dan collaborating with our group.  They are in the next office to me.  We have had other customers work with us in the past, but this is the first time we have "embedded" co-innovators, where the real focus is on co-innovation, and where we do not have a specific statement-of-work or project plan -- we have general topics we will explore, and we know great stuff will come out of it.  We hope these are the first of many such co-innovators to spend time with us -- others interested can contact me through SDN.