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You want to use the matching capabillities of the Referencing the MDM Java API during development and runtime. The application presented here demonstrates how easy it is to select and execute matching strategies from your own applications using the MDM Java API 2. The included Java source code can be used as an example for further customer developments. Please use the link above to download the application and the source code.

NOTE: You need SAP NetWeaver MDM 5.5 SP05 for this application. SAP NetWeaver MDM 5.5 SP05 Patch 0 is available for customers and partners under the terms specified in SAP Note 1025897.


SAP code or applications samples and tutorials are NOT FOR PRODUCTION USE unless specifically noted. You may not demonstrate, test, examine, evaluate or otherwise use them in a live operating environment or with data that has not been sufficiently backed up. You may not rent, lease, lend, or resell SAP code or application samples and tutorials.


  • SAP NetWeaver 2004s
  • MDM Server 5.5 SP5
  • (MDM Java API, download from Service Marketplace)


Only some basic steps are required to deploy and run the application:

  • Unarchive and mount the MDM repository Vendor_Matching_Example.a2a
  • Deploy (MDM Java API) with SDM
  • Deploy the Web Dynpro application with SDM
  • Optional: Define additional MDM Matching Strategies for Master Data Consolidation.

The application can be configured to run with any MDM repository. Repository specific connection properties are defined in the Visual Administrator. The configuration entries Field_* have to match a main table field-code in your MDM repository. The entries Field_*_lbl are speaking names for these fields.

For example, your main table has a field with the field-code Name. If you want to use this field for matching set Field_1 to Name in the configuration. Also choose a display name for this field that will be shown above the input field in the Web Dynpro application. Set Field_1_lbl to Company Name.


Run the application


For example, enter Vishay Siliconix in the name field, shelton in the City field and execute the strategy to find matching entries in the repository.


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            1. Former Member
              Hi Wim,

              I am unable to download the code from the link given in the blog. I got to know from the comment section that you had downloaded successfully..

              I am not sure,,Whether you would still have this snippet..:-)

              If you have , can you please share it with me?

      1. Former Member
        Hi All,

        I downloaded your code and executed successfully.

        Where you can change matching as 1) selected vs selected 2)Selected vs Results 3)Selected vs All 4)Results vs Results 5)Results vs all 6) All vs All through API?

        Thanks in Advance..



    1. Lars Rueter Post author
      Hi, I just tested it and was able to download the zip file. Can you please contact SCN  technical support via e-amil at sapnetwork[at] ? Cheers Lars

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